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Real Estate Transfers

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Real Estáte Transfers for tlio week endlng Nov. 11, ísfi:'.. furnished weekly by the Waahti'tuuv Abstract Couipany. Office uïth County Clerk ut Oourt House. Aun Arbor, Mlobigaü. I John Wilsou tu Wni. Warren et al., w ol - c ' ,. -cr i. ex rept jo acres oit n'end. Augusta f 4.000 00 j Frank Forner to Frank C. Fomer, fiyhun - _ - 000 00 John Hctiltvray to Mary L. MeGilvrny. Aun Albor City 5,000 00 M. L. Vtnlng to Adella Q. Vlning, lot iu fourth wurd of Ypsilautl 1,000 00 Alfred Soiiz to Lydla R. Seitz, e '2 of n w ' ,. Bec 14, 1'iUstieki .„ 2,000 00 Spencer 8west to BllaH. Rodgers,: x))1.. rods nu west side ol' Kelcli Bt., Anü Arbor City 20 00 Peter McGue et al. to Margaret Hone'. jiart of lots (i, 7 aud 8, block 6. Dexter villase 525 00 Ludwlg Wall to 81d W. Mlllard, part of lot 16. block 'ó, soutli of range ! east. Ann Arbor City 1 00 P. H. Douglas to Loulsa E. Havlland, land ou sectlon 7, Superior 100 00 Chas. II. Wilson to Richard B.Trlpp, lot 1 Wilson A Warner's addltlon to Milán 200 00 Jolm H. Ambrose to state Board of Educatlon, YpailantI 600 00 Siiin Post to State Board of EdncaUon, Ypellantl. - .',000 00 Israel Clark to Edward Pardon, lot 17 and n ], of lot 9, block 0, south of range 6 east, Aun 4rbor City :;,500 00 Edward Pardon, J., to Israel Clark, w 'L. of n ' , sec 12, exeept 7 acres, York 2500 00 A NEW MONEY. I New Vork Sun ]. Theo up rose Mr. Peffcr, Krom the flat and wiiidy stalt.-. And u-aiitud tu in jee t Uiniseli luto tlie great debate "I move," he Baid '"a ïnotiüii That will settle this dispute. And give the country money Whicli is wurruuted to snit. 'i'vc tried to have eetabllshed A mint for coining liay. Or oats, or wlieat 01 taiers, In proinises to pay. "Hut eomehow all my efforts Have tlms far been in vain; Ami aow i come as flnal Witli one thut pires me puin.. "i'.ui we are patrlotlc, And make asacrlflce. If people who de mand it i ■ - ï re to pay the prlce. tierefore, I movcamotiuu, To wit, thereby, hereiu, olved we coln as monov The u biakera on my ehlul"