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A Tragic Chapter

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Another chapter oocurföd in the serial of crime given last week. whicli started in with the burglary of Bowdteh & Mntteson's store in thiH city On Frilay morntng last the people of Ypsjlnnti were astOnished to learn of the denth of the colored man, Wi. Jnoes, who dtd the shooting of Oificer SmJth. Aftef escaping he stole a ride on a freight trian to Jaekson, and there hirt in a barn, but was so hotly pursued that he dared nat show htmself apon the street. On Wednesday night he Btoie a ride back to Ypsilantl, and at abo ut 2 o'clock Thiarsday momlng went to the home oi' liis mother. He had frozen liis feet in rwling, and was thoïpughly dishearteaed. His imother told him it would nat do to be staying there as the off.cers wocu-ld be afber, and wh'le ebe went into another room to Ket iliirni someth'.ng to eat, ie took out a revolver and placing it to nis temple fired, being killed nstantly by the shot. It seeoas he had contemplated this:, for on tils person were found two letitT-, ome telling oï liis wanderings liis enoounter with OHicer Smlth and another stating that he had been out of work for a long time and took to inleving in order to live. In the last letter he exculpated liis mother and step-father from all blame, statingt bat they were entirely innocent and knew nothbig whatever oí wha1 was being done. The letters were wcli wrlttan andshowed eooiBiderabl sclrolarship. gom fle exrpressed sympn'th'y 'oí the sniciilc after readlng iii- lettpi-f. bu: the p opls o' Tpsilanti pretty ge:erally feel that a hard gang has been broken up and are greatly relieved thereby. ïhe expression on all sides is that. Jones was a riervy fellow, but tliat he did ao excellent deed not only fcwr himself, but for the county, in his last act. The two brothers Toan and Irlvng, who aro hore in ja M Avill bc fcried at the coming March term of court, jirob ably, and It is tlnought that they will not have an opportuniry to repeat their past perforcnai&ees for niany yeare bo e-om.'., if ever. Offccr Smiitli is said to be dolng well, his wound not proving to bc as dangeroux as at first suppo -n!. Ofi'ae-r Peterson of this city, who was shot t-hrough the hand. has sr.íiVr.'d considerably fronn his wound, it proving especially painful at night. The surgeoms tliink that the thumb can be sa ved, but will probably always le stiff. ilr. Teterson !.s reoeiviiiig imany loinnicndations lor liis and brave deed in facing tlie danger he dld in securing his man. It took the right sort of grit, there's no mLstake a bout that.


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