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The Night Express

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Out throuuh the MU ni midniirlit, JIurtünu' uut thuiideriiig on The nighl exprcrs frotn ti olí ter worM Hpeeds lor the opiu of dawn. Out o( the pnstand i;looin-vrnek, Out of the din nnd yor', Freíglited iu t.rníii or cavaran Was never treitrhted befo re. Built wheii the iSphinx's secret Was iit-w oñ the lipsof peaee; ELurled thrtugh the Hnhtng mid hollow years Til 1 tinif sIih! I llave release ; Sttalingaiui svilt;is;i shadow, fcinuon, nrüÍTiL' and blitid. Speitt as a jov or the fllglil of a bird, With oblivion bbtiid; Down to tiie morrow eoun'ry. luto t ()h Dokiiüwu Ifiíd ! Ainf the DHwr gripx tlf iiirottle-har ; Our Hvi H (IVE Í i 7--' luiiirl. His wreckere pr nnfnu nm Iphh, Aielurh ngai evry cnrve; And the Drivirplayx wíth the thru Ule-bar; Mt fwtti t!tc ron ut wí , We pan I up i lie i-I iniin lm;h1h. A lid Cnül, on Míe i íUiL'enl niMf'. WHU ihr Driver tuya with ih t)rutilt bar; And gatht -.-■ thr track in lis jfpiilr. The drenmer w-arj of ili e:i nis. The lover by hve teleaseii. StrickiMí and wlmlc nul -,v:tj mid wad, Beauty nd wnlland piltt, All these advontutv í'oitli. Stn.ntrei-N tlio' Kídf hy sUU With thtfclrampm t1nieinfle riarin whi eW, And, IihsIh i n Miei r Nh:idv y -trille. The ihnl racfs ilie .ill sliows; yet the ntülit is dt e ; Bui tin Drírer humttr the. ttivottle-bar : So, imi nn'l I may sleep. För He othe sleepten hand Win drive iil! thciiluht sdone - Wül wai h t,ill morninu spring ii-oni the sea A lid the i ai s grow oid in [ .cmiii ; Th' " ir : Hl slow toaxtop The 1 1 c.! of i hf dr. viuij-rod, Wnen iiiglü t-Xpresn rolls tnto the dawu ; Fot Uu iinv i 's urtme is God.


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