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A Doctor's Complaint

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A doctor fraileó thte iwribe the otli er day -iind said ; "Say, wh.v don't 011 sl; the i)!'i;ilc to rMtiemlif"1 doctore wlií'ii thi'.v are eteanlng íheir walks, and clean nbcwit tlu iiit fhinjs poetaswell? A doctor has to wade through snow. tu liiiili h:.s horse, gete his feet and Kmbs wet. and it is the greatest wonder in the world tliat lie doeen't take coM and dle. The The people are very anxin ís íor the doctor to come when aoay oí the fam!ly are sick- more anxians than they are to pay for it usually - but never think oí liis comfort In this respect, and so be has to wallow through the Miniv banks knei; deep. And alk abou.1 sitlewalks ! Why, I never rísk my íife upan them after dark. lí called ont at nighjt abont town. T take a lantern and walk in the m:ddle of the road. I am po:tive!y afrald to H-avel on the walks in the winter tjiük" at night. I have tried it twice and me', with a fall eaoh time. 1 have a good oase agamst the city for (iamages in bo'.li instances, but w:ll wait until the sewer accident is eettled, and liow that ..-omes out rirst." Steclr Mackaye, the artlst, poet, author, iaiventor, and all around genins, diéd on the morniuiï o1' Fel). '2, on board a train of the Santa Pe lí'y, at Tiimpuis Colo.. wh.ile on lila way i o fiiin Franciseo. He was only 47 years old, but had lived a full lifetiane of m urdinary man. He served durimg the war, i-om'.nir home fi-om Pars to join the army as a private, and was di.sí-liarücd as a major. Hi greatesi (ame carne to hlm trom h;s play wriitiiig, havlng heen the author oí a larg ■ ïi inib r of the popular play.- oí tht day. It i unfortunate that he had to surrender his lü'e hile yet In hiie prime. The ciüh'.li animal convent Ion of the'.an Endeavor soeleties of Michigan will be held in Detroit, Mar. 21-22. PreparationB are being made to entertain, tree of Cost, fifteen hun!red delegates. These, with two thousand Christian Enden voi-ers in Detroit, will make th largesi eonvention of young people ever held in Michigan. The Amli.orinm. vrhich will hold five thonsand people, will lie usd for these meetl.ngt). YounR people expect'.ng to at t end fchis ('onven'. 'on are urged by the Detroit (■ï Km'.eavor 1'iron to s.-nd in the'r names as eaiiy as possible. ApplCations tor entert ainnien', may be made to D. T. Smlth, 169 Selden ave.. Detroit, Mii-h.


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