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The Next Democratic Rooster Will

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l):1 il ■ 1 'k i. Very sea ree : Money and demoerats. DUficnlt to teil whieh I lie more s. !i "LUI," Hornblower, Peckham- nes V Jonssvile In :tp ndenr. Mareh i'our.h. l Is nol Attorney Generai KIKs that is giving oplnions unw ; t is the people glving opLuions oí Bills. There ík one thing tha1 the rcjetel Hornblowr lias excelled the bald liead'd old baohelor Ilill in. Thai is f;oo 1 sense ál gettlng married. Grover is said to be awfully tired of the Hauaiian questlon. Wel!, InOBght to be. The Hawaijans and Amerlcaos, loo. for that matter, are awfully tired of Grover, ;ilso. That was a republican biizzard In Peimsylvanla, and it froze out t democracy in a way that brought an ic!clE on each individual hajr oí its inany heade. When a president nttempts to bribe senators and representatives wltii patronage. öO2sn'1 he comrah .1 crime the same as any man who o fers moncy [o ■ rotea '.' The di jiio. ï-ais art' practlenlly uniimx 011 1 1 1 e sensible plan o.1 "Caar" Reed, and w'il ccnnmence to eount a .(1110:11111. They r.n.i that business eau lic coiidnc'ed in 110 otlier vvay. The Atehison Globe i. re-pan ;] ■ iov ;his : Nearly all Avives eóntradict thelr liusbands. When a m m tells a story, liis w'.te nearly always says : "No, 1 wasn'1 that way," etc., and the story Is spo 1 i. 'J'ln' demócrata who carrld Proi. W 1-on aroand ;i thelr slioulders iu the House o' Representatives, w',11 realze thai they wil! havesomething of a ji.ii w m -ii 1 bey a 1 1 c api to ear ry the etectkra next fall. Siild a proinjii'ii! democral a few days ago, "I asna democral and always ha ve been, lint 1 11 bij blowed ii it sn'i a little diiflcult to give any very good reasons jusi now, why I am oue." - Hilledale Oader. 'Oh, Juhi 'cause dad was. ;,:m know." Wlien the ff 1-ou blll passes and provides ior tree hunbei-, tlien the lailian pai I i ill put an export duty mi lo.u's, (liid the luml?r thai is ,,(iw manuïactiired in the i n':ied Si tas vv i: üe ai muiaci uretl in ('amula. Juni watch thiajprediction. Some o oür go d d ni n r .1 i ■ i , nds cal: the ÍI 'pabHeaii Ciub banquet at 1 i-t [ Biuazzar'a 1 eat.' 1 li ü'.n.wri . was on the wail all i ij.ii. . 'u had ju-i ar Cved ïrotn I i-ylvaii'.-,. But Bellshazar li ins 1 was noi 1 1 1 -!■ : 11 read Lt H aar. an , 1 w tli l.iil il i1 evi i' The fliTi'im o' a congressraan al ktrge in Pen ïsy vanla Ias1 week 1 uesday, resolted lm the eho5ce o! Galusha j A. Grow, the republjean candidate, by over 181,009 nnjin i y : ïho e demi ! ■ repi e eútai ves in the House, u'ao ar bo fond oï oarrylng thtngs around on thedT shoulders, wlll fiad hai a pretty heavy load. Spencer O. I'i.-lur. i Bay City, is being talk 'il oí by the demosratic press as ttoelr candidate tor governor; Spencer is a lívely Fisher after irr v!i!'ii he gel : bato the busimess, but there is a man in hia own town tliat kim -lö hfan out. Ii' he vs nomínate ■ will have to nomínate Ex-Congressman Wheeler.


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