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A reeent lasos oi the Demócrat enumerates nearly every índustry of the northern states, and sneeringlj dubs tiii'ii "trusts1 Ín ofder to bring tlwwn ander the dtepleaeure oï the people, by the clatm bhai they are greedy monopolies. These rery industries are what have built up this natkm. They have develop;'d our farmlng lauda; haye increased the d.mand for everything raised ar made ; they bave made this natíos the rïchest one on the face of the globe, although the youngest ; and unta the I. commenced neiga, tt was a natlon wiih the moei prosperóos and the happiest lioincs o. any nation on earth. But as the Di'ino-rat ti-nly says that party i opposeü to prosjterity and advanci ïinni. It óppa-res everytöpig tliat otNs to build up Qr eui'ich. it has already adöpted a policy that has brought disaster and destttution io those happy homee and bas ruined industry af ter ndusi ry. The only anibit On it lias 1 (o puB down wlK'.t umin onc pise lias built up and "tl-nst ín Cod'1 'for some one to keep lm'ld'.nn' 80 tlrit it may not he kept out n cniploynicnl . In truc s,)i'. liiTii style tt puts it.s ■trust in God," and compele "the. niggèrs to do the work" - what little woi-k ia im;i ;. Th.' ivinn: rü can not nn'iition a rido-sni Eortuine in th:' Qnited States made out oí any of the "tWists" it ennm 'ï-atr-, save perhaps Mr. CarnéLvic. and liis was oniy partially ninasse:l in thië r'.on industry. The VanderbÜte, The kyulds, 'i !r Armours, The Ast The Ro k 'fe-liers, 'J'h" íUi'le Van Alien, The Mack y. The M ÍN. The Stanforcte. A mi evéry other largé fortune in ili" nat'o:i has been acciumulatetl outi Le "' :l ■■ protectefl industries of the na I ion. Añil Uie trusts ! What about thera ? Asldie froni ome or hvo they exist only in the miiirt oí the democrat whoBe only argumenté! are bugbears ! Tin' Bouthern sugar trust Tlie southern rloe trust' Are pcrhaps exceptions. ThOTigh it must be admi.tted that free trade Engliish capitalista have come over to Xhb country and bought ii]) thc brrweries, for Lnetance, and by eontrolliag the output are enableil to control t U.e priee oi beer, thus formlag a triifit. The une i,s also true of the whisky Btills in this country, on neither of which is therö any tariff. The only nation of th:f earth possessülg whftt m:iy 1)ïï really ternied col'.ossal fortunes te free trade Bngland, that we are asked to favor, wbere som-e fifty famliies o.wn iwoth'irds of tbc entire oouatry. And i'i is the capital pi English lnillionaires is being tnvested in tlve United States that is forming the only trusts that exist here. The party lias reduced the wages oí the work'ngmen in every oortbern state Erom ben to ï.r'ty per cent. We av 11 driy bhe Demoeral to men t:on cue single inatanee where wages ji.-'.vc ailva!i".-','(! since th' advent to power o! ils party. We w'i; (let'y it to mention one sin gle activity ia wliicli wageè have not be;'n reduoed. Noboly acqnalmted with the fundamenta] pr.'nc'jples of l:uv belleved for a moment that the "Jag cure" act would successfully pase the scrutiny of tlii' suiir'iiie court. It was so dlametrlcaUy at vai-iancc with the splr11 ol the law and so totally indefensibie as a in ira] expedliem ii never ought to have blotted the statnte book.- Graad Rapids Eagle. A nnml mr' a 11 insloners received no ;ce 3 saterday of a eui down 'n theÍT alowanae. Henry Pö.wer3 is dropped irom '2 td $8 per month. r! !i:s : . ■ he only loe wc ha ve se l, In the fact !h't a niinibri' o: tl) !ivi'l;):.r-i nin .-. shOWS that Henry ie nol the on!y su'lerer amons Hp-irta boys. Tips is setting al defiance the rul ng of thé Supr Oburl o' the U. s , but Hoke S and Wim. Loïhren are bigger Eellows 1'. s. Supreme C5ourt. No, boj -:. b re ad redress tor two years to come. TVy and live tha1 long . and ihi'ii - - tli.'in. -Sparta Sehtinel. There's been a high tariff on wool ever since L867. Thcn wool was .""iii raus a pound. The McKlnley h II made the tariif still hlgher, and wool is a drug at 20 cetttB. - Adrián Press. Of courae the result of the eleetlon of Mr. Cleveland and a Iree tráde eongrees 'to back h'in. Has liad noiliImg to do with the preeent prlce? The argument of the Press that throwing open this market to the eheap wool of South America and Australia w!ll iniiki' home grpwp wool advn:i:c 11 price, is vei-y queer reasoming. Yon mighi as well tel) a pattent that the sickér lic gets, the better iio is.


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