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Salary Grabbers Indicted

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Tht'iv has been eonsiaerabl ■ exci e men! at Lansing dur'.nsï the pust wok, because ; the aetlon of the grand jury impanne-ted eome weeks ago, by Judge Pron, ol tliat clruit, 10 look into the charges againsi state and o her o f i Lve bo alleged frauds !,ii returnjng and compiling the M. casi by the people apon cons! ii ut :on;il amen lmente proposing to imcreaee the Balary oí severa! sla te oifjjcials, Uubmitted in 1891 and 1893. The 'jury iound mdic-tments agalnst Attoriney General Ellin lor felony in targiing returna ui election in 18'Jl; against Secretary oí State .lo.-h.m. Staie Treasurer Hamtoiizer and Comnii-s:oner oí Land Office P.erry, for ïrlony and mtedeineanor in ofilce in mnk.iig ial-i' returns oí the votes cast in 1893 ; agaiJMt County Clerk May, o! U'aync cöonty together vvith Mr. l'.liis. nn-aeinèanof in eausïng the disappearaiu-c ui the Returns ii-om Wayne' courity ; agaiaet Fránk A. Pottei', eorgo 1!. Warren, Marcus l'eterson. Vjeo. H. üussey and Jolm ('. (1 :rx, for co isplracy, misdemeanor, etc. ÏJie aociisêd have all been urralgñed. pisad mi! íu lty. and given bail, and trials will take place at the comniii '.Mai'i-li term oí court. 'Hiere Khould be 10 delay in this mutter, mul th ■ resuil sbóuld be such i li.-i t nu one in the future will ever djare attampt wrong do ng again. Many of the accused are sald to trea.1 the matter lightly, and regard it as a joke.. But it is no jake, it i.s an oJenee of wliich none couki be mor3 serjpus, tint i.s if this natlon ie to cx-i as a r, public Eounded upon ih.' v.t.1 et oí the people as expressed ■av tbe ballot box. Any man wlio tampr3 witli the ballot bos is i dangerous man, and au eneany to i state. He should liot h-ive his o fence condoned or pall'a.r.;. hut should be made to realize i hal by hls action the people's liberiiet! have been eadangeréá which is tlic most serlous olfense that tan be commttted agaiust them. W-e ïully real'ze tlia immense pressur that will bj brought to bear to (lear these men from the crimes charged. All influence that wealth, (ind all the power that iniluenli-i! friends combined can secure will be brouji'ht forward. But sueh infhieaces and such pressure should not weigh oiie oía in the scales against justice. There should be no persecutions, but there should be prosecutiou.s, and every man whose ïingers are tarred with this oorruption should be made to su'ïer. Piii-ing the last year of Mr. Hairiscm's admkrlstration the sa-vingg bank deposite tra New York state Increased $41,000,000. Durimg the Simt year of Mr. Clevel inil's adm'nistratio-a, tbese deposite have deoreased over $35,000,000. 1h tJiat not an oljc: 1 s-o:i '.' And the w'iiulrawal of rejio-Ks canie almost enf.rely trom the ranks oí laboring men, the smal] deposi.ors, wlio were obliged io draw uut the moiiey to live wlth wiiilp kll. Edward D-ouglass White tl)'1 new jus tice o: the suprejme court i.s a consistent dsnocrat. That is. his onsteteacy is suflciently consistent fotpractical purpases. He is mi avove;i iic trader for everythlng m mul iet ured and produeed in the north, bul a high jiro ectionist for all southern proibictiotis. Wh'le in tin senate he 0 ighl 'uitte ly ,o ■ a taifJ u. o i sus ir and rice, but deinanded iree lumber, salt, wool, iron, etc. That is conBietency, you kimw. A number oí transient oaerchants have coin.' here wiih the intención of Beiling íí'íhj.Is, btit when they found that i Ih'.v must pay a good round priice tor a Licease, they concluded nor to. venture. Our councll beLeve in prol eet n; home merchante. - Man: li s , r Bn1 erp -i e. And quite a number oí thQse same merchante support the party tha1 is nbout to foist apon this country the nfamaus W.l on bill with its free trade tenden ■'■ . " b y should be i o i-i ■ .ii: an I w ieome i he [oreign l in ii'iii.m A .on v.-i li them. I; is amusiing t-o sea some oí the' -o tij swee1 euckao papers wserl Ihat il was the sugar mteresi oí i i Hawaiian [slands that desired to advanee itself by annexatjon to tlie l'm.ei! Btatss that oaused all ths trouble in tlicuss ;ilind. How blind they in n ■ h ir rea-ders are. 1 b ■ mos1 o! the people of this nat.o:i ane Eaam 1 ar vvi !i the undiiputed ín-. ti,!t Claus Speckles controla the sun er sta o! ■ hoae Dslan Is, and that Claus Speckles has been asing ever; power al hfe commaoid to k'.ll o.l' the provisional gövernment and re-eetabllsh the dissolute queen upoa her ihrone. He lias had the ear of President Cleveland írom the frst. He kfiows wliat is Ir.'st lor Hawaiian sugar.


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