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HERE VOU_ ARE I FIFTY VIEWS AND TWO PAPERS j FOR $1.25 Wc have made arrangements wlth ; the ïirin of Mast, Crowell & Klrkpatrock, of Springfield, Ohio, by whieh ive eau furnish our subscrlbera -witli a portío io o? 50 - re aember 50. not 16 as is usiKiliy otfered- -Puotographi- Views, for practieally nothing. '1'mi; offer is ihis : To a-nyone paying uk $1.25, the Cwurter and the Farm and Flreaide will eaeh be sent to thoir addrese one year, togeüier wifch this portfolio of 50 Photographie. View.-, at the World'e Fair. The Farm and Flreside is a bi-weekly paper of 28 pages, full oí u reading, inyaluable to the farmer, and excellent Ui any bousehold. ïliis is the best oiler ever made. You eannot afford to let it pass by unheeded. Doai't wait until it ia too late aiul then kick yourself for the neglect. No-w Is i lie time to cateh on to this magniiicent offer; The Oourier und the New York Tribune, $1.25. The Cómrier and the Chicago weekly ínter Ooean, $1.25. The Oourier and ilse seml-weekly Si. Lonxia Globe-Demoerat, $1.7.".. Tlie Courier and the Cosmopoütan -one oi the best monthly magazines publislied- ,2.25. The Courier and the X. Y. Tribune and the Cosraopoütan, $2.50. . The Couvier and the N. Y. Tribune and the Chic-ago Inter-Ocean, $1.50. The Coiirier and the N. Y. Tribune (or tlie Chicago ínter Ocean) and the the St. I.ouis Globe-Democrat. $2.00, or all iour for $2.25.


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