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Nerve JJj. Blood i iroKfc EKhRWt descriptiva fc. fiJMyraS '-'■■'- 'ï paniphlet. SHiLOIi'S CGNSUfciPTION CUBE. The succcss of ihis Great Cough Cure is without a parallel in ttie liistoiy of medicine. AU druggists are aulhorized to sell ït on a pos[tive gaarantee, a test ihal no other cure can successtully stand. Th.-u it may become known, the Propnetor?, at au enormous expense, are piacinír a Sample Botile Free into every home ip. the Uniled States and Canada, If you have a Cougli, Sore Throat. or Bronchitis, use it, for il will cure you. If ycr.r chüd has the Croup, ot Whooping Couch, use it promptly, and relief is sure. If you dread insidious disease nntion, use it. Ask yoar Drugpist for SHILOH'S CURE, Price 10 ets., 50 ets. and 81 00. If yout Lungs are sore or Back lame, ue Shiloh's Porous Pleister, Price 2L ets. Onlike the Dutch Process 1K0 Attalies Oiher Cíiemicaís are used in the preparation of W. Baksr ft Oa.1 Breakfast Gocoa, which is absolutely pure ana, soluble. It has more than three times the strength of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, and ia far more economical, costing less than, onc cent a cup. It is delicious, nourishing, and easilï DIGESTED. Sold by Crocere everywhere. W. Baker & Go., Dorchester.Mass. Garfisld Tüsi ?ures Conatipation, Hedtoifsa Complíation, baves Doctors' Bills. Samplefree GakkikldïeaOo.,311) W.4óthst.,.Y. HuresSickKeaclachs "Itf place at the hrad of all popular perio published in the English Language is no tong er diSputed t uu trh (re. - AlAlAXY AlïGUS. The CENTURY MAGAZINE in 1894. THE GRBATEST OK ALL TilE MAGAZINES. ■ 2000 Pages of the Best Literature 1000 Illustrations by the Greatest Artists of the World. The Programmeof the new volume of The Centry Magazine, beginnlng witli the November number, s 011e of rare Interest to every reader of literüture. The chief serial feature is a New Novel "by Mark Twain The most dramatic story everwritteu by Aim-ri-'a's s:reatest humorist. Like sev of Mark Twaln's storles, it has for i is .scène astemnbout town on the Misxissippi River forty years agu. 'Pudd'nhead Wiison." n hard-heacled country lawyer, the nero of the story, furnisbes mueh of ilie fon that, oue naturally expects to find in a work written by the author of "The Innocenta A broa d " but heappears in quite another light In the nuirder trial which form'! the thrilllng climax of the story. The plot introduces a novel and ingenióos employment of sclence in the detection ol crime, and the oharactere are welldrawn and theirevery actiou is interestIng. TheCentury wil] continu h A Series of Superb Engravings of the Old Dutch Masters; Articles on Hunting of Fierce Gsme ; Articles descrlblng ARTISTS ADVENTURES, by leadlng Ainerlean artista, with Ibelrown illustrations ; Articles descriptivo of Important Expeditions in all Ihe great oontlnents, inolndlng the advi-miiies of two y ou ug Americaus vvho traverRed on bicycies; A novel serles on Tramping with Tramps ; young mau dlsgulsed as a uainp, traveied over merlca rnd learneil all secreta of the '"prolession''; Important Papers on Music by the areatest living composers and muslcians; Uiipu1 llbhed essays by James Russell Loweil ; SbnrtstnrleK and novelettes by all the leadI UK stoiy-writers, essays on tiinel suibjeeis, humor and fun In the LighterVein" douai tnienl,etc. etc. Tlie The Great Christmas Number conlainsn sermón by Phüllp Bnioks, xeveu complete storle, a magntflcent army of fullpnge eiijt' avtnjis, a m-w pii-tureoi ,;, Graut, letters trom Edwin Booth, etc. Subscribe Now. Prtee $A.OO n year. Dealen re: - rip rei lütanc may 6 publisbi rs by check, draft, mom y-order, or by cash in ■ . Address THE CENTDBT COMPANY. No, 33 East 17th Street, New York Wrlte for a 'Minlature Centnry," free. Íwawted Iftïen to work for us who desire to mak e í money this ftili and winter during H siat-k times. Excellent chai eral pay. If you Imve spare time, out ■ Iof work, or lonking fora paying I Dess wrlte me a [, once. Fred. E. Young, Nurseryman ROCHESTER N. Y.


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