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IT IS HUMAN NATURE To Want Somethine; for Nothing. sotase sra mi t f, lODHOlT Gmcery Store, 4 & 6 BROADWAY. This is the way it is done: With every eaeh sale, wbether t bel0cor$50, we give you a coupon showing the aiuonnt puruhased, and vvhen yon have bought groceries or any ü.micIs in onr line to He aniount of $40.00, $45.00 or $50.00, you can have your choice of tho 23 hMá ïmti of Siherwars ! Sik-Ii as Bowls.'Spoon Holderp. ani, Fruit, Caster, Berry, Pickli Butter Dishes, Etc. CALL AND SEE. Eemember, r erything in the Groc ry i ine 8old tthéap lor cash. W. F. LODHOLZ 4 & 6 BKOADWAY. E. UT. BILBIE, TEACHER OF VIOLINPupil of Emil Sauret, Berlín Germany. Can be seen Tuesdays and Frldays at his rooms. 51 . Main Street, Aun Arbor Organ Companys' Block. FULTOÑ WBET SI BBOUT Opens February 15th, With full linea of Clioice Meats and Groeeries. An Entire New store and New Stock. GIVE US A CALL! TOUR PATRONAGE TtESPECTFVLLY SOLICITED. 33 E. Washington St. UNIVERSITY SUIS OF HC. SECOND SEMESTER. February 19 Make application as soon as possible. OFFICE HOURS: 9:00 to 10:00 a. m. 1 :00 to 2:00 p. tn. A. A. STANLEY DIRECTOR. COMMISSIONEBS' NoTICE. STATE OF MII .nty ..Í Wii ■■:::■ . ■ i ii:i tug bee :: ppointed by .1 lor --:t;il ( oini! . ■■■ and aiiji ■nds ut al] persone agoinst the estáte of ;is. G. Llaymoud.tate ftf said eounty ased.bereby give uotice that six mom irom (ii.ic are allowed, by ordi r ol sald Probate ' their ■ tl'.at they '.ill meet at the resideoce of VI i.. Kaymonci in the township of Sbarou, in sald d the cighth day of May and en the ■ i ugu8t, ni'.M. ai ten o'clock a. of said days, ;■ receive, examine and adjual Dated. Pub. . Ivil. VI N. EIERRICKi ) . A.BI.IAH BI UïCH, ■,' ommisslonera. A lironda is the greatesi Nerye rem'il,v (ni c-iri h ; il contatos no opiat es ; i í, (i ful) stze doses, 50 cent. Sola by Jollín Moriré. "ONLY ONE NSGHT OUT." Ooicksst Time Ever Made Florida New Or!eans, fe .-. ■. ■ . í -'■ Índiana?uls.0o ,on oo-Wl FROWI Toledo or Detroit. For Rates or Informatior, write tu D. B.TRACV, Northern Pasenrer Agen 155 Jefferson Avoiua. Detroit, Mich. iOHN BASTABLE. District Passenger Ag 5 Bridge StroeV Toledo, Ohio. D. G. EDWAROS. General Passenger Ager Cincinnatt. Ghio. E of H h:ikt M. [sg, Dece ihgu. OTATE uk MICHN AN, County of Washte f nnv. . . A: : : e Court for the ■ . Anu Arbor.on Tui da; ie : : diiy of Febri a dred and uinei Present. J. Willurd !!:il [u the nirttter oí the estáte -i Qarriel M of the! t wil] and tea ament of satd . - . piep ■ [er hts flnal account as i o f renpon Hisordered.thatMonday tlie'26th ii ni'xi , at te 11 :' be assi lug and allo at, and that i ne d Uees, leg i ■ ;i'.v nf jiid decen sed, aj other persons luterested in aaid eatate, are i court, theu to be holden at the Pro ate :ity 01' Ann Arbor. in said couiity. aud . re be, whv count -lnnilii not beallowed : Aud it is further ordered, that said Execntor give ie persons Ifatei ted in aj1 estáte, ■ liearhig thereof. by causing a copy of tliis order to led in tiie Ann Arbor Oourier, i newspaper printed and circulating in iil eonnty. tli; ■ Ive woeks previous to : i v of bteariiig. J. WILLARD BAKBITT, (Atrueoopy.) Judos of Probate. Win. (. . !' . Probate Register. fïïHï tíril W i'mrN ÜIÏ.S1 HhU llUlüLll work in:; tiie kexvii.i.f. Mfg. Co., Manville, ''. i ■■ mfgrs. of S'ormandie Plushes. Send !2 ceutá for samples, particulars, and - agenoy Mi utiou this paper.


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