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The Women's League

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The "Wmi'.-ms' League liad ihciu.-u :] lüoiithly mi'-.'t ng on Saturday, I;!:. üitli, n SlcMilhtn Hall. M:-.s'. i ofcssoT o hlstory, Dl the V . s i : 1 1 1 : . K'oraaal SeJiool, gaye ;i mosl aterest ng paper mi "The Fe.■ ■ .1 Soul." Slie ' ■■"" bed '■ i"'(! r's p! ;i ure o ! the slceping Psyche, Eecter ! by si k en bamfe, and eompa j." I the e letters vvith llu' 'clrcvunstaaices" vylilili giris and Woonan '-l often make in escase .::■ :i:n'!.v,:.. ;-;h . ;ii-.!. were -,-h;' I o :i ..v -i ■ eoul i ea . i'.iiw she miighl Eree herseif, aad she ■ ;! l.t" ! lipOn Illi' ÜM'ls tO C))C11 tllt'il1 eyes and to reeognize thai these very circumstances, whkii they deploreil, were nothing. Habitt, ráther '.han r'.v. ■nni.-tiim-t', ïmikes eharacter and knowledge oughi to roe habit by giviing ideas. Girls -an ïind in their homes, no matter how Limited, a Held fcxr work-, niil ali ttoe greal question.s of the ilay. euch a soeology and ecooomica, can be better worked oni 'n them than élsewhere. Mre. An-'11 then gave a very satif-factory talk on the "Dutjes of Hostess and Guest." Sbe advised all who i entertain never to lo more than is ion i-Mnt v;th thelr usual mo.le of Tíe an:l to iihvnys rrniciiiljiM' that a ñervo us, unhappy hostess, makes ■) iiervous. unhappy gues As ,'or the u-.ursi . hi' slnmlil alwa.vs bear h m'.nd th;t she íb invited to entertain as wcli as io be eaitei-taéd, and that her 1 i y '., to help lier hostess. Aftci- Mrs. had finJJied her remark . she answi veú (u.: a - Bimong whlch were some concern'.ng (ixv.tatlonifi. She Eelt cnal all luvi tatioms Bhould bc answered ; siu-h ;:.- wei-' vvrttten demaonded vvritten repl'es and siich as ca,me on simple carils. slMMild bc responded 1 by cavcU inilcss tli' recipiënt intended o accept n person. A social gathering tollowed! ü (i ! :,;m :■■ i e n I '. 1 1 1 retting ni( etiing.


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