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California and Me Mid-Winter Fair. A niiore'favorable oppörtunlty tlian the present to visir California ivlil probably never be áífered. XUe rates excurs on i : :kete vit i he Xm-tliWc.-i.r., Line, are the lowest ever ni.nir. and, aslde trom the '1 ílightful m m - rop c 1 ' ni'! i ■ o'. '■ ' il' irnia, tha M i -V n Fair at San F anc :o, whicli Qiow in lie !ull I ide : . ís a moal potent atfcr . n to the tourlst and pl iasure-seek r. trip írom Chicago bo Caaifornja U ,n tde vin the North-Western Une In ilie marvelouBly short time oí 3 L-2 Palace Draw ág Rooiu, SI iag Cara leave Ch oago daiiy, .uní ruu i : change, and ill nn-ils .ti route are served Ln d: eur5. De ;ly Xourist Bleepin x Caí servtee i also maintained by this line be w i ii ('h c igo an,d f5an CVancjsco ;iii(i Lo Angeles, and every 'liiursday ;.' p-arty íb personally cond i bed by an exp ■ Comptótely equipped berths ia touiist sleapers are lurujslied a1 a cost of onlj - ■ ■ 0 eaeh from Clí cago to the Padüic Coast, thus emabl eogers i;i make the ottrny n a eonilortáble aml economical manner. The North-Western Inc haa issued a aumber of Ulustrated pamphlets cr.'ptáve of the Mid-Winter Fair, and ateo eontaiming detailed information coooerning ratee, routes, etc., oopk-s ; will ii; malled f ree upon appLScatioo to V. .',. TI General Passenger and Tiiekel Agent Chicago & North-Wèstern R'y ( !li" cago, 111., ií .mi. i mention thla publiI catión. The first Faculty Concert in the 2d semester series wfll be glven ïhursday evenlnii, March lst, at 8 o"clock in FrJezs Memorial Hall. Course tickets for sto:khohlers 50 cents, for i 11 ethers .$1.00. S.'iigle admissloDS 20 cents. A blaze in the book bindery of Louis NoQl, over Eberbacb & Son's drug store last night, made things look blue in tbat vicinity for a lew minutes. It was extinguished howi'vit lieïore mueh damage was done except by water. At the Unity Club next Monday ev-ening, March 5, l'rof. A. A. Stanley will give a lecture upon Wagner with eoane musical illustrations upon the orgaa. All persone interested in the greal componer will fiiitl much v, oi-ihy ; appreciatioo in lee1 are. A veiy greal audience gathered last Suuday evenimg to hear Dr. Cobern speak tin "The Theatre." Th il scu 'on was '.(iih)ii()us for its fairn.'ss aii'! thoroughness. The audience weal away delighted with what they had heard. A ïull synopsis will be l'üiind cm anoihcr page. Tbie li-mioi-is! . Frank l.n:olu, Who held forth befare the [nland League, at the Church of Christ, Monday even!n4', had a large audience to listen to his entertainment. He ia a genius in nis line, and gave excellent satis,faction, sendimg ilie people to their homes in the best oï humor. Mrs. Bryan, wife of one of the editors of the Charlotte Leader, has just come hito posseesio.i of $25,000 from her fatlier'S estáte. Bryan always imsisted that his wlle was ais greatest earthly treasure.- Adrián Press. Mr. Bryan, who once slung a lively (inill as ui Aun 1ol;1 seribe, will rec:ve congratulations upon hi wiic's tiood fortune. The vuinor is eurrent aböut the streets that the Mt. B'y C). wil! glve up its chiarter and abandon any further at tempt at running Wie cara in i city. IE sotnie capitalista . c:)ui .1 ( -ouiblnc tbs motor l:ne with thia lime and run them both by electrirüy, it would be a paylng Investmen . No't only that but a permanent benefit feo both eities. The travel upon the lint; would im rease a! leas: one-fourth ;:i a very short time, could the motor Ivne run int ■ thls city aiul deliver passengers al the conrr house or on Main st. On Sunday morning las! at abont l' o'closk, th' department were called out to extímguish a blaze at 1 Un on Shade Pull Co's works on W. Huron st. The lm Idling was coi ably damaged, and the stock a great deal damaged befere the üre was.pui out. A line o? ïiose running from ilic corner of V. Washington .■ma S. Pirsi sts., was eut in two ,v, ie by the Tl. & A. A. R. R. yard eoig ae, uii'.-li did not help the boys any to say ih ■: la-t. Tlic flre eaughl :ri;m a detective chíonney ilue in tlie lacquering rouan, ir is thought, and had been discovered once betore that il'.ght by Oscar B who put it out as in' thought, aad dld qoI cali in ; }'. ■ .',■ ■ it. i '. Maek the in i" 'iin'e om - di bu'l llng, anij .!. i:. Bat I W. SV. Wbdon oo , i ! Li co las, it ia ight. 'i ii" lire wül l8 fli ias1 , ", inv irpm the facl the busy seoi i ■■ i ■ oaning on. Barlow ISro ' Mammoth Minstrels v. i appear .-ir blue Grand Opera ■'■. on Saturday M-areb 3d. '! hls reïtóed coi tpany of "Merry ;-:;. i : ; MonWchs" u ris nu ín . ■ - ductlon o ili" lovers ■ refined pa ;n !h:s city. Bal h tram po. ni ni vi sw ol iiiini rieal strengtli irl tel i ■ abillty thia ís th es( in'nsti-,1 i ompaiiy I lia I : ! ■ paih ■ Rrnnd Op ira House have h;i i :u oppori unity oí witnesstng. ■; te ■ 'i lts cinii-.-i y, nunabers thirty people. A number of speclaltets h.ave been engaged in Eu■ ', i ■. and are Baid t present so-mething i'in:r:lv dl Eereni from anything ever seen here. Aanong the principal mefnbers may be memUoned Billy Barlöw, James Barlow, Fox Samuels, Win. Gorman, Markham and Barry, Percy "Wüliains, Howard Powers, Williani Gtet-, Artlüir La Rord, "Scolield" 1 Brothers Kenaard wliose Bensatiomal acrobatie Eeats are said to be more tlian marvelous, and "Scott" Erom the Folies Bergeres, Paris. Special atit-nt ion been pai 1 1 o the vocal departinenl : this flumbers eight carciuüy selected volees. The sale oí seats is now in progresa at Watte' Jewelery Store;


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