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Two Horses Hard To Beat

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In a healthful little letter to the Herald and Presbyter, Rev. lr. Thomas Parry, of Frankfort, Iml. , preaches the followlng simple, every-day sermón: Prayerful ml watchful hitchcd together are the only safe drafl power tu br'iag to a prosperous Issue yoiir train of ia!ly events. The man who has prayed that ie might nol be eheated lm buying a horse, boughi the t'irst borse that (ame aloag. He was iicciivcii bevond meaeure. He had eo litted the watching to Gp'd ingtead of Jotaing it to prayer. A íriend asked him if he expéeted God to come to the market riding a horse cially for him. You cannoi trust your prayer when you drive ü single. Rere le a business man. Tle Is a ('In-istian. He Is also inteusely active. strona' and ambitious. Vt'itii all, lie has a feempr wliicli ignltes with rather a slight percussion. In the momlng this man praya that he may iulfill thi' law of Christ during the day. At ih'1 family alter he pleads with worde tha1 are full : genuine pathoe. Ilis thoughts .■!!■■ gathered into a íi:-ii oí inteusiiied earnestness. Ii:s voiei' is )ilainlive and humble. His manner provea him to lic a man who has business willi God.' He iias In . : , . ichety ]ieopir he has lo meet, the knot i y questloofi he has to settle, and ii:s own small stock of patience. Tlie prayer is finished, and he assumes the work of the day. Iïut the book-keepers and clerks lack he pilgiil discipline deeired, and are less attentive tlian tiiey ought to be. Men i-ome to him w;th Bharpened tongues, and tliere beging a misunderstending. He is raaped, aml he storms as iï he were a second edition of Qneen Edizábeth. He lias forgottea his prayer and mellow voice of the ínorning. Ha comes home severely wounded. He bas disgraced liiinseli. Next morning he praya agaln that he may bear and iorbear, but the next day is as the ïirst - passion on iire. Now, the fault was not in the prayer, or in God's promise to keep hlm in perfect peace. His fault may be, as we have been told, that lie trueted in his prayer, and relied upan il and did not trust ;xl. lint I ihink the (aalt wae in thle, that lie tliought the prayer relieved him from the responsibility of watching, or selftraining. He did not join watcliful ivith prayerful. His kinclly disposition ought always to drive doublé- watcli and pray. Prayer helps a man to yoke liimself with the law of oharity ; to wurk umler it, and train nnder it. Prayer does not relieve the responsibility of watching.


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