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Franklin's Moral Code

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Benjamin Frankltn, the American philosopher, drew up the following li-l of moral vïrtues. He gave them constant and earnest attention. By following tlieni he often said he made liinist-ir a better, happier, and more useful man : Tempérame- Eat net to (alinees'; drink not to elevatlon. Silence- Speak nót lut -vvhat may benefit otliers or yourself ; avold trilling eonversation. Order- Let all your thinga have their places ; let each part of your business tmve 11 9 t;me. Eiiesolutlon- Eesolve to perlorna wliat you oughb; pertorm without tal) wli.-u you resolve. PrugaUty- Matee no expense, but do good in others or yourself; that is, traste nothlng. I.osc no t ' nu ; be always employsd In something uselul ; cut off all unneceesary actions. ííoderation- Avoid extremes; forbear resenting injuries. Tranquillty- Be not disturbed about trilles, or at accidente common or unavoidable. ïliu grocer man one auturan day 8al nodd ag 'uealb hla glusses. he icher and i hiy To buy soiiie new molasses. grocer. smlline, imllcd the bung; conla l)e richer, ■■ou,M,!iny, here's your dlme?" qiioth he, ■ Ni ii-v. hit, wus in Uc pltclier?"


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