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Drs. Kennedy & Kergan

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1 WEAK, NERVOUSDISEASEO MEN: B f Thonsands of Young and MidtUe Aged Men are annually swept to a premature grave k through early indiscretion uid later excesos. Self abusa and Constitutional Hiood .H Distases luive ruined and wrecked the life of many a promising young man. Havo jou 1 any of the followins Symptoms: Nervous and Despondent;Tirtd in Morning; !o AmbiI tiou; Memory Voor; Easüy F.itigued; Excitable and Irritable; Ejes Blur; Pimples on 0 the Face; Dreams and Drains at Night; Restloss; Hagaard Looking; Blotches; Sore I Throat; Ilair Loose; Fains in Body; Sunken Ejes; Lifeless; Distrustful and Lack of H Ener y and Strength. Our New Meiliod Tnalment will build you up mentally, physically F and sexually. í jSSST KI DRS. KENNEDU KERGAN Sri ZffiÊ ' &l " A-t 14 years of age I learneii a bad habit whïch almosfc ruined V Hx' . 1 me. I became nervous and weak. My back troubied nie. I conld K j 5&" stand no exertion. Head and eyes became duU. Dreams and B ,, drains at night weakened me. 1 tried seven Medical Fircns, Wñ jk -wlííÉ trc ets Patent Medicines and Family Doctors. They gave me H 2 [ svÈiJfU no A. friend advised metotrj Drs. Kennedy & Kergan. They n -trTCT sent me one month's tceatment and it cured rao. 1 could foei g iS myself gaining every day. Their New Melhod Trealment cures when B Carcd in one in'Iun oil else Jails.'" They have cured many of my frienda." IS BQUUTfiEDJl_H8RT EIP1E1. H ■ ■ jwK "Some 8 years ago I contracted a aerious constitutional blood H ÏQ Jilfi'll sease 1 w?Qt to Hot Springs to treat for syphilis. Merccry almost I { JlW kiile me Aíter a while the eymptoms again appeared. Throat j7T M$ became sore, pains in limbs, pimples on face, blotches, eyes red, I "L LFI oss of hair, glands enla-ged, etc. A medical friend advised Drs. ? Vy ■enne5f & Rergan's New Method Treatment. It cured me, and I have . ]- idp 'iac no BmPtoms for five years. I am married and happy. As a B iE-Töw doctor, I heartily recomend it to all who have this terrible disease - H Curo u ('...... „o.„ syphilis." It will eradicate the poison f rom the blood." CST '5 YEARS IN DETROIT. 150.000 CÜRED. S "ï am 33 yea.rs9f age, and m irried. When young I led a e f1&i ÍJ8C m e' ary indiscretions and later excesses made trouble r. ft for tne. I became wpbx and nervous. My kidneys becamo m nffected and I f-ared Bright's disease. Married lif was unsatisFji i factory and my home unhappy. I tried evocyiliing- all failed till % r JSRoS I to" treatment from Urs. Keanedv and Kergan. Their New rs_JiïSi Method built me up mentally, physically aad sexually. I feel Z. } -lfc-l-1 anrt actlike a man in every i es peet. Try them." jThJrf W" No Ñames Used Without Written JniW Consent of Patiënt. Cuieu ij; tl,.... OlIP NfW MpíhílH Truatmpnt never fails in curing Diseases of men. VUI IHöW iblIlUU I reatment l. 8treaethens ihe boly, stops all dr:iiriö and losses, puriiies the blood, clears the brain, builds ux the nervoua and sexual systems and restores lost vitality tothe body. We Ctiarantee to Care Ncrvous "trbtllty. Failiutf Nanhood, yptailirt, Hi icocele, trlcture,leet, rim .lural UischargeSi Weak ;irts and .wil Kfdiiey aud (fladder " Ueases. QfT Ü4 LT ÜÜ O k. Ú ííonnerly & Kergan are the leading specialists ot I 11 f ]V F jlil nfS America. Tliev intee to care or no pay. Their repu■ ■- M'l tation and fiftenn years oE business are at stake. You ■ run no risk. Writo thom for au ho:iest opinio, no matter who treated you. It may ■ save ou years of regret and suffürinir. Oharses reasonable. Write for a Questlou List and ISuok F . ee. Consultation Free. 148 Shelby St. I Detroit, Mich. 1


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