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Be A Man, My Boy

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Be a man - foolish Spending is the father of poverty. Do not be aWiamed of hard work. First make yourself master of your trade or occupation. Work for. the best wages or salary yon can gt, but work at and for somethíng - don't be idle. Be your own master, and do not let kociety and l'ash'.on swallow up your individuality- lmt.'coat and boots. Do not eat up or wear all that yon earn. Compel your selfish body to upare for profit eave.d. Be stiníxy to your own appetite, but merciful to necessities. Help others and ask no help lor yourself, and by so doin.íí, if ever in need, help will come wi'tlioin askíng ior it. 8ee that you are proud. Let your pride be of the rii;ht kind. Be oo proud to be lazy (a lazy man ougbt to die - easy :) too proud to give up without conquering diíficulty ; too proud to wear a coat that you eannot aíford to buy; too proud to be in company that you eannot keep up wSth Ín expenses; too proud to lie, or steal, or cheat ; too proud to be stlttgy. But young


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