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A. W. HAMILTON'S Life d Km Xasnraseg AGENCY, No. 11, Second Ftoor, Hamiiton Block. Fire Insurance w ritten in flrst-claas companies. IiOw Bates. Losses liberally adjusted aud promptly paid. Cali and examine the Mutual Life Insurance Compray's nen forin of Policies. i lie I neo me anl CoiitinuouN Iustulment Policies will return largo dividend. A Poli1)' in the Mutual Life Insurance Company ís a Safe, Su re and Satisfactory invsstntent. It will pay better than a 4 per cent, investment. When you iüsure take the best aud write a policy in The Mutual Life through my ageney. A. VV. HAMILTON. Hutzel's Watef Back ! A very important invention whicl will be hailed with deiight by every body using a stove or range for ho' water circulation. After years of ex perience we have succeeded in pro ducing a simple and perfect WATEF BACK It overcomes atl the present trouble; of extracting lime and other sedimente which accumulate in wate backs, often m3king them uselesr and in great reany instances becoming dangerous. The ouílay of dollars is reduced to íimes. No household using a range .an afford to be without it. No more trouble by using cit) vvater for hot water circulation. Can be used in any stove. Asi your stove dealer for Hutzel's Watei Back. Masón & Davis Co's. ranges fo: sale at C. Eberbach are provided witli ;ur improvement. Everybody cali and examine thi useful invention. HUTZEL & CO., Plumbers and Steamfitttrs. ANN AE.BOR, - - MIOB. LUMBER! LUMBER! LUMBER! 11 vou eontemDlate building, cali at FERUOW& LUMBER TAED ! Córner Fourth and jJepoc Sts., and get out figures for all kinds of LUMBER! We manufacture our own Luniber and guarante e VSRY LOW PRICES ÏJS. Give us a cali and we wiil niake it to your interest, as our large and vell graded stock fully sustaíns our assertioií. Telephone Conuections witb ülliee. T. KEECH, Supt. JAMES TOLBERT Prop. safëtydepöstTboxës TO EEM, In tlie New Vaulta oí m ui u mu me. Absolutelv Fire and Eurglar Proof.' CALL AND INSPECT THEM. GOOD ADARCE. Every patriotic citizen should give hit personal effort and influence to increaso the circulation of his home paper which tep.ches the American policy of Frotection. It is Kis duty to aid in this respect in every way possible. After the home paper is taken care of, why not subscribe for the American Economist, published by the American Protective Tariff League ? One of its currespondents says : "No true American can get along without it. I consider it the greatest and truest political teacher in the United States." Send postal card request for free eamplecopy. Address Wilbur ' Wakeman, General Secretary, [35 est 2jd St., New Vork. jftlCHICAN ("TENTKAL " The Niajjara i'ails Route." TIME TABLE IN EFFECT KEU. 11, i CEHTBAL STANDARD TIME. Í ]= B: S i : i '■ ' '■ : ut '■ ;L=::: BB' H' B S " ] o. . : o. M a. d j è'. i ] '■'■'. .'■ s ' es I tí ü rl sá =■" z i' - 1S lis ej " i;;;;;;!:;;: ►á : : " : : ; : : : : : : i =?'?:í1írS:3 i : : : ; : !:::::: _o s s ; ; i i [éé -Ú éé ; i ; j j s pJ ::: ■ :. c á: ::: 'á i 3SS I j JS I 8S Sf :S 8 : i :Sñ3 á e i i i jes s = ; ; ; ; ; ; s - : : : : J :::::: á a í??i i i :?? 'S-'i ñ 2S i i '3. : : ii? L■ sá i; jse f s j ; ; ;; a S d : : : :.s i; ==■'::: B S82 : : igs is? L SE .8 :iS : ■ S88 ií4 : : :-.s :sx ík-; : : : : I" o ! " _. S g S E z 7' Ü t Ï t h iV! i'ri i"C-ÓÓOOCC OOCD 00j - L:::::::: g g I L :::::::::?; I i i i i i i i iíí I. : : i ; i i i i : ■ i ! ! !! i i i ! H '" MI ! Hit í I h 2 : : ! : I : !S í = ï ! i? ! :ï i í í ! : : s fsjSíJ Js5líjsfi " -.'.'-'- w . - = ? -- . - -. - .5 i - i 'S K " "3 ta fcC ■"-c z- : - - ü G. W. RÜGíiLES, H. W. HAYES, G. P. & T. Agt.. Chicago. Asrt.. Aun Arbor TOLEDO p. AnnarboW rJORTH MICHIGAN? C RAiLWAY. I-J - '-J JÉL 1 ( BJíj Xfy city] k,-' "MUSKEGON fa "ara! Sj I y)) I LA&?IVSXírÍSW )L -i South Ifcnd Tjj OLE DO"fcii- . '' ' TIME TABLE. TAKING EFFECT srassmrsr , stott. s. is93. Traiuá leave Ann Arbnr bv Central Standar time. NORTH. SOUTH. 7:15 A. M. 7: 15 a. m. 12 : 15 F. M. 11:30 a. si. 4: Id p. m. 9:00 p. M. Trains rim betweeu Anu Arbor aud Toledo onlv W. H. Bennett, G. P. A. R. S. Geeenwood, Agt EBERBACH & SONS, ANN ARBOR, SELL BELOW PILLS. X a TM TTQ TRY nu. le dücs "PE1_iÍ3lJ_J.Í1i!O RIODICAL" PILLS from Paris, Franca. Bstablished In Enrope 1SS9, Canada in 1S78. For Suppresslons. Irregularities, and Monthly Deranfriiineuts. A reliable Dionthly medicine. They always relieve. Any drugglBt, &2. American Pili Co., Proprietoi-ü Spencer, Iowa. Robert Siephenson & Co., Wholesale agentg. imd all other druggists in Aun Arbor. These pills are warranted to brine on the " chance. CAIÏ I OUTAIN A PATENT? Fora prompt answer and an honest opinión, write to nïl'SNifcCO.,who Iiave had nearly lif ty years' experionce in the patent business. Communications strietly confidential. A llaiilboik of Information coneerning Pateiits and bow to obtain them sent í'ree. Also a catalogue of mechanical and soientiflc books sent free. Patents taken throush Munn & Co. receive sneciül notice ín tbe Scïentïlic An:ericnn, and thus ave brouiiht wldery beïorethe public without cost to the inventor. Th3 SDlpiuiid paper, issued weeWy, eleKantlyilInstrated.hiisbyfarthe lar;:8st circulation of any scientiflc work in the worlö. S3 a vear. Specimen copies sent free. Building Edltlon, monthly, f2.öö a year. Single copies, -25 cents. Everynumber contains beautitul plates, in colors, and photoirraphs of new houses. with plans, enablinu bulklers to sbow the latent desiims and secure contracts. Addresa MÜKN & CO., NEW ÏOKK, 3C1 BltOADWAY. NEW MEAT MARKETSend the girl or b ■ with vour order, and rest assured that the quaJity and weiglite wil] be the same as ;. yoa caine self. 1 carry in s;u-k everything found in a FIRST-CLASS Meat Market And buy only the best Stock. I an bettér prepared than ever to Bupply tny customers in my new market J. F. HOELZLE, Cor. Washington and Fourth. ■Phone 75. 83-105


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