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Farmer'8 Institute at Howoll Mar. (i and 7. Plymouth poses as beiag the richest village in Michigan. Silver .Leagues are bekig organized all over the county. The Herald figures the loss by the recent fire at Chelsea at $43,000. The Washtenaw County S. S. AsBociation at Ypsilanti March 13 and 14. O. A. Kelly, who was burned out at Milán, will resume business in a few daye. The wind and cats about Pinckney nre to be utilized by organizing a new orchestra. .Ifunes Yoxen mnkew inonuments at Wayne. What a yoke ! as Ole Oleson would say. The I. O. O. F. of Milán propose a celebration of the 75th anniversary of the order on April 2Gth. The Chelsea Stove Works don't propose to give up because of disaster, but will start in again at once. The Local says that thirty new dwellings have been erected in Clinton dnrhig the past two yeara. W. H. Ostrauder, oí Wliittaker, has his feed mili in perfect running order, doing excellent work. l?ro. Gildart, of the Stockbridge Sun thinks nis sun 13 setting because he failed to get a valentine this year. 'Die boy with a maple su-gar tootb raust wait in patienc.e A warm spell will start t he sap. - Hudeon Post. The fraternity oí Teeumseh are to build a temple the coming seaboh, i'or wbich the funds have all been raised. Ir co 1 the Brightotn market iiseociatilon officials just $17 feo liolil a fair last seasom. They wül try agata, this year. Either Gorman or ExOongressman Tarsney, or botín, are to speak at St. Patriek's in Ypsilanti. The assertiion 5s made that there in au A. P. A. organLzation in every lowiiship in thla oounty. Guess that te a little stiff. The services of the Congregationál society at Cheteea are bei.nn held in the town lïiill since the burning of tlie church ertifice. There was not a villa ge i AVashlelenaw county tiiat was not representcil at the republican banquet in Detroit on the 22 d. Mre. Alex. Souller has rented her farm aiear Dexter, wül sell off all the personal property, and go to Los Angeles, Cal., soon. J. F. Avery and wMe of Saline, atti'iidcd the banquet given by the American Jersey ('attle Association, in Detroit last I'riday night. Cyi-enus Watts, of North Lake has puechesed a farm at Williamston, InglKim oounty, and will remove thereto ira a short time. Soone of 'the farmers in Sylvan are tj raise peppermtot on their low ground. Otherw wlll draiu their Bwajmps ior celery farms. The Observer is anixous that the race track fever in that village shall be revived. He wants the town a little taster, don't you know. Another Plymouth man lias invented a mole trap. Now what the ladies want to know is what to do with the moles they have already trapped. Levi C. Drake, of Saline, died on Saturday Peb. 17, aged 80 years. He ciime to Ann Arbor in 1835, and has lived in the county ever since. People wlio havo desired an old iashioned wintrr are notified that it ■s here and they are requested to cali and take it away at once.- C'helsea Herald. Tclí-phoiics are belng put in by the dozen at Milan and the Leader claims that they w'.H transmilt money, keys, etc., as wi-U as soumi. .Musí be something in wind. C. H.. Richmoiid of Henrictta, has a half cent made in 1794, also a collection of Eaglteb coins bcaring the images tu' W'.lííam 111. and C.eorgelV. -Stockbridge Bun. Manchester people are kicking ver the raising of the telephone rates from that place to Ann Arbor, Jackson and Detroit. Hard times to raise rates, these. Whrw : Wonder where tuis great revival oí religión and ■ ■hui-cli business is ■_to!iiií lo cnil. - Fowlrrvilli' Review. It is to be hoped never. Such a good thing should so on endlessly. Geo. II. Rompí, oí ('helse,-!, has BOld out kis stock oí dry goods to Holmes t; Dam-er of Stockbridg, w lm have moved it to tluit place. Cfaelsea mv ha.s oniy two dry goods stores. Mr. and Mis. Thos. Van (üeson, of Bridgewater, celebrated the 25th anniyersary of their marrlage on Feb. 14th, and inany relativos and íriends untted to make it a happy event. M:.s.s Jennie Estlier Hendricks, of Yp.silanti, was married Feb. 21st, at the home of the bride' mother, to Mr, James Osburn, of Owosso. At lióme after Mar&h 6th, at 527 Washington st., Owosso. Alversoa Drury, of Ypsüanti, died last Friday mornlng, after an extended linees, caused by beimg thrownf from a buggy. He was 74 years oíd, and had lived üi .Yijsilanti nearly a half century. A Plymouth man has lnvented an automatic tire escape that lifts the window, tires the sleeper through it and caths hira on a feather bed' just as many storles below as desired. Thbs is only the first story. Bro. Tliompson, of the Dexter leaáer, has an alumlnum lead pencil. The Adrián Press man widl probably say that is why the items in the Ieader are so light. But ii it does, is it not bettsr to have them light than heavy ? It eost Howell $5,000 to get that rubber factory, but she has got it, and the benefit the town will receive therefrojn will soon erase the i-o.-it mark and show a handsome profit instead. Other towns may well foillow Howell's examplc "In death they were not divided." Mouilay afternoon, Mrs. Mary Foote, the rematas of whose late companion had been followed to the grave the d-ay before, rejoined her husband on the other shore. She was 78 years of age. - Ypsilanti Sentinel. Monroe eounty has executed a contract wtth the Detroit house of correction, for the receptioo of the county crooks. Tjnder thfe contract, a large portiion- -perhaps the larger porticn - oï the population of Monroe eounty, wJiU remove to Detroit. - Adrian Press. Dr. and Mrs. A. J. ]nfestey are to leave for Los Angeles, Cal., where they expect to lócate, early next month.- Dexter Leader. Mrs. Lentestey was formerly Miss Nellie So:ilier, and her hoste of friends both ín this city and Dexter will regret to k-a rn ihat slie ís goúng so far away. A Wayne paper tells oí a beautiful large, nw safe belmg added to the Andersoii hotel there, the front oí whieh was 'adomed with a beauti'ul scène of landscape and water." Queer :-oinl)i!iiatiou that- for a hotel. - Northville Record. That's all right ! The "soap" is iust back of the landscape. Anotber phantom opera house has arisen at Ypsilanti, and the hyptonized -riston of the enthuslast, already sees tlie tïhost of Hamlet spooklmg imoniï the scencry and dtsappearing laneatb the stage. "Hl ! oíd mole! Dost thou dlg so íast ?" Speed the day, however. when Vpsilanti will igain have a real "flesh and blood" oepra house.- Adr!:in l'ress. A Detroit lady school teacher was convicted iast week o: tlie terrible offence of spelling flour, "flower" and was askfd to reaign. The school lHard satd the teacher was not gettlng her bread riglit. The teacher luid taught successfully for some years, but tliis crime could not be overlooked. - Northvllle Record. That board is a high bred- ñot livbrid - one and does not propose to be bored by any such spells as that. Henry Franklin, an old soldier, has been missing since Frlday, February 9th, and nothing has been heard from him since. He left Clielsea about 10 o'clOL-k that evemlug lof lii.s liome in Sylvan. and that was the last that was seen of han. Many are of the opinión that his remains are beneath the snow that has lallen since that time.- Chelisea Standard. Mr. Tliomas Wilson was .SS years old last Sunday, and is still hale and lieariy, and enjoys Ufe and R-ood tiealth as well as many men oí 40. The occasion was duly eelebrated with a birthday dinnpr in which sous and daughter and grandchildren partlcipated. May lic live to bc a hraidivd years old, is the wish o; Ms boste of friend.- Milan Lc.-ider. Mre. Haiinali Davia wlm was bom n Lasaüc townslr.p about 70 years igo and has reslded in Exter townefelp lor the past L'O years. took her !nst on a railroad last Saturlay. She went frocm ■ to Monroe. Mrs. Davi.s has always lived in tlii.s eounty within a few milee of a rail road. - Carleton Gazette. Is ii ny wonder that Monroe couniy is lemocratlc '.' oh: deHHgueni subecribers, come in to our sanctum, lay a dollar, seventyive. f.fiy. or t w'iity-five cents onto our tahle and say unto U8 : "Well lone fiood and faithful edttor, thou iast cfaewed tamarack bark, cabbage Btmn])s and frozen turnips for many montlis back ; take thi money and epalr to a grocery and purchaee thee soime butter, beans and bologiita, and eat thereof, thereby caueLng thee to nistmsi ihat thy l!fe is not all on the dark side." We will shout one long nul loud "Amen." If you want to uear uk holler, "pay up."- Fowlerviille Review.


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