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March Bargains ON A LOT OF EARLY A GOOD TIME TO BUY SPRING SILKS, DRESS GOODS, LACES, SHEETINGS, PILLOW COTTONS, EMBROIDERIES AND TABLE LINENS. We will sell 40-inch "Wool Henriettas, Serges, Fancy Mixed Wool Suitings, all the 50c quality, for 39c a yard. 38-inch New Spring Dress Goods at 25c a yard. 10 pieces Serges and Fancy Mixtures, new Dress Goods at 15c a yard. 45-inch Black and Colored Wool Serges, worth 75c, a big bargain at 50c yd. 25 pieces New Black Dress Goods at 19c, 25c and 39c a yard. Black and Navy Blue Storm Serges, 4รถ inclies wide, at 50c and 65c a yard. New French Novelty Dress Goods at $7.00 a pattern. NEW BLACK SILKS.- 22 inch Black Crystal Cord Silks at 85c a yard. Black Amure Silks, Black Satin Duchewse Silks, worth $1.50, for $1.00 yd. 45-inch Black Gloria Silk, worth $1.00, for 75c a yard. 32-inch Black China Silks at 50c and 75c a yard. Wide Black Sarah Silks at 50c and 75c a yard. READ THB Wl BARGAINS, 15 pieces White Dotted Swiss Sluslin at 10c and 15c a yard. 300 pieces Wide Embroideries at 5c and 10c a yard. 100 pieces Hand-made Torchon Linen Laces at 5c a yard. 500 pieces All Silk Ribbons, Nos. 7 and ), at 5c a yard. 50 doeu Check and Damas! ' Cowels at 5c a yard. 25 pieces Wliite Check Nainsoot Muslin at 5c a yard. 5 pieces Fast Black Satine at 10c a yard. 27-inch Embroidered Flouncings, worth 50c, for 25c a yard. 50 Large White Bed Quilts, worth $1.00, for 79c each. MODES! 50 pieces Seersucker and Plaid Giagbams at 5c a yard. One case New Dress Ginghams at 8c a yard. New Irish Lawns and Dimitys, very pretty, at 12)-c a yard. New Duck Suitings, the latest in wash goods, at I2jc a yard. Lovely Llamas, Wool Challies and Swivel Silks. 42-inch Bleached Pillow Cotton at 9c a yard. 45-inch Bleached Pillow Cotton at 10c a yard. Bleached Sheeting, two yards wile, for 16c a yard. Bleached Sheeting, 2% yards wide, for 18c a yard. We alwaya did and always will sell goods cheaper thau any house on the street. LEADERS OF LOW PRICES. _ 1


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