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Tira senate held a short session on the 5th and but Hule business of iruportance was transacted. A brief debato on silver took place and Senator ötewart (Nev. ) offered a free Btlver ainendment to the Bland bilí. Senator Morgan, (Ala.) offered a resolution looking to the appointraent of a tarilT commlssion, offsrea as an araendment to the tariffbill The debate on the pension appropriuiion bilí continueu all dav in thu house and at times considerable spirit vas displáyed. The principai speakers were Messrs. Dolliver, Hepburn, Enloe and Cannon. A total of Ï1,513,788 is carriedby the diplomatic and consular appropriation bilí which was iutroduced. In the senaLe a bilí was introduced on the 6th toput an end to railway ticket scalping. The main interest of the day centered about the discussions as to ihe disposal of the Bland MU, and it was decided to move to take H up and makoit the business before the senate until disposed of. ... The debate on the pension appropriation bilí was continued in the house, the feature of the session beiug Gen. Siokles' speech criticising the action of Commissioner Lochren. The bill passed by the house approprlating Ï45, 000 for the resoue of the armament and wreek of the Kearsarge was passed in the senate on the 7th, and the silver seigniorage bill also passed its thlrd reading. After flve daya oí debate the pension appropriation bill, earrying S151, 000,000. was passed by the house without división. ON ihe 8ih the resignatie of Senator White, of Louiwiana, was annu'.iuced in the senata The Bland seigim rage bul carne up as unfinished business, but a voie was postponed for one day. The bill ior the sale of unsold portions of theUmatilla reserv.ition in OreRonwas passtd The president Iransmitted sonae additional Ilawaiian eorre.spondence to the house. The Cunference report on the urgent deüciency bill was presented and agreed to. The bill abolishing the oflice of commissioner and assistant commissioner of customs in the treasury department was passed. In the senate on tne Snh Senator Peffer introduced a resolution for an investiftation lnto the senatorial sugar speculation. The liouse bill auihoiizins a bridge over ihe East river between New York and Long Island was passed. The seignioraffe Wli vrs discussed, and it was decided to postpone voting on the measure until the 16th. Adjourned to the 12ih.... In the house the District of Oolumbia bill was considered. The night session was devoted to the passage oí Individual pension bilis. DOM ESTIC. Sylvester Khodks (colored) was lynched at Collins, Ga., for the murder of Ernest Dozier (white). A crank, who said he had been dlrecteri by God to turn the white house ac Washington over to the Jews, was put under arrest. The visible supply of graln in the United States on the 5th was: Wheat, 75, 569,000 bushels; corn, 19,108,000 bushels; oats, 2,681,000 bushels; rye, 520,000 bushels; barley, 1,058,000 bushels. Charles Hubbay, a colored prisoner gerving a twelve-year sentenoe at Columbus, O., for burglary, coniessed that in June, 1887, he killed a farmer and his wife near Xenla. Two houses were demolished in a storm at Butler, Ma, and Jasper Smith and his wlfe and two daughters were badly injured. The governorsof a majority of states declare they will doeverything in their power to prevent the Corbett-Jackson prize fight. The striking1 West Virginia miners planned to blow up the Acme mine with dynamite and kill Operator Wyant, but were unsuccessfuL The píate mili of the Eureka Iron & Steel company at Wyandotte, Mich., was burned, the loss being $100,000. Charles P. Chateau's title to 100,000 acres of land in Dunklin county, Mo., has been aflirmed after thirty years' litigation. The best part of the business portion of Deadwood, S. D., was destroyed by fire, the loss being $200,000. A i-ARTY of thirty negroes left Atlanta, Ga., for África. The emigration fever was epidemie among the blacks aud mary more were anxious to go. Lamson Gregory, an oíd negro, was taken by masked men from his house, near Bell's Depot, Tenn., and shot to death. Mrs. Mary Ellen Lease, oí Kansas, has been fonnd to be an heir to a large estáte left by a maiden auct who died in Ireland several years ago. A fire destroyed property valued at $100,000 at Cullman, Aï-a., and three persons were killed by falling timbers. Michaei, Joyce, on his deathbed near West Uniou, Ia., confessed to the murder of his nephew four years ago. Arstiments upon thegrovernor'sright to remove state cauvassers were begun beiore the Michigan suprime court. Stephen Geer, a dairyman living in the suburbs of tleffersonville, Ind. , was murdered in his doorway by an unknown assassin. Fob attempted assault on a young girl James Erickson, uged 70, was tarred and feathered by indignant residents at Edgerton, Ind. Joseph M. Archer, a rich stock dealer, was murdered and robbed of f3,000 in the road near his home at Korth Baltimore, O. Robert Ross was murdered by Bat Shea, who was vvounded, and two others fatally hurt in a Troy (N. Y.) election row. Pdblishers and printers in St. Paul were in the midst of an animated dispute over the facale of wages. The Dex.ter (Mich.) bank robbery my&tery has been solved by the confession of Assistant Cashier O. C. Gregory that he sbole the missinsr $8,1H2, all of which was recovered. Milwaukek offlcers arrested a tramp, who was found to have the smallpox after hundreds of persons had been exposed. The Indiana supreme court holds that the State never loses its rig-ht in property which is sequestered from taxation. The Ohio supreme court declared Talid the law by which the time for county clerks to assume office is chanjjed from February to September. The barn of N. S. Nixon, a prominent farmer near Cold water, Mich., was burned, and Mr. Nixon, forty sheep and four horses perished in the flames. Jesse Hauselman, of Ravenna, O., aged 15, started west to fight Indiana. He was arrested at Massillion and sent home. Judge Smitii, of the Cincinnati siiperior court, granted an order forbiddiüg members of the district carpenters' councit preveutin' non-union men from workinft at a mili where there was a strike. Thk cooperation of the Canadian government in suppressing the operations of the Honduras Lottery Company in this country has been obtaiaed by the post office department. The trial of the new battleship Indiana at Delaware breakwater was successful bei'ond the expeetations of the builders. The president sent to congress the latest correspondence in relation to Hawaii, the important feature being a statement that steps had been taken to provide for a new constitution and a new form of g-overnment for Hawaii. The Nicholson hotel at Nashvüle, Tenn., one of the larg-est and best known in the south, went into the hands of a receiver with liabilities of ÏIOO.OUO. The Bank of Harrison, Neb., closed its doors. Depositors would be paid in full. Williasi Howman, a prominent farmer near Jeffersonvilie, Ind. , was killed by a load of stone overturning upon hinx Ottikg to heavy rains towns to the south of Chicago were under i'roin 4 to 6 i'eet of water. Wiixiam Weir, a prisoner sent to the Ohio penitentiary froni Cleveland on a three-year sentence for passing coun terfeit money, died while entering1 the prison. John Gesohwilm killed his wife at Columbus, O. Five years ago he kille his brother and served a two-year term for it. John Hallock, confidential clerk in New York of Theodore Pabst & Co. importers of glass and chinaware, was arrested on the charge of embezzling $ü5,000. The Virginia legislature defeated a bilí to require the United States flag to be raised on public schoolhouses. Thbee men were killed by the explosión of a Lehigh Valley locomotive near Wilkesbarre, Pa. The democratie members of the senate finauce committeo laid before the full committee the Wilson tariö' bill as they have amended it. Many duties are raised, and sugar, iron and coal are taken from the free list. The income tax remains. The date when the free list shall go into effect is changed from June 1, 1894, to June SO, 1894. Caleb S. Beagg, a Cincinnati lionaire, died on a Pennsylvania train near Pittsburgh, Pa., while homeward bound. Bohemian strikers assaulted Italian laborers with a shovver of stones a1 Cleveland, O., and one man was badly hurt. Mrs. Maktha C. Atchison was incinerated, as she had requested, at the erematory in Graceland cemetery, Chicago. Tiro Denver pólice commissioners secured an ÏDJunetion preventing the governor and mayor from ejecting thein from office. Two THorsASD striking silk weavers at PatersoD, N. J. , roughly treated one man who refused to quit work. Eev. R. MacNeili,, of Emporium, Pa., received a fortune by the will of an oíd woman, whose spectacles he picked ud. The second trial of Daniel Coughlin on the charge of eomplicity in the murder of Dr. Patrick Henry Cronin in Chicago carne to a close after a session of nearly four months by the return of a verdict of acquittal by the jury, who were out only six hours. John Gkyeb was swindled out ol f550 in Chiuago by W. F. Ohlran, who represented he had counterfeit mouey for sale. Bouïtdless, the famous race horse, broke a tendón at Little Rock, Ark., and may never run again. The W. R. Strong company, dealer9 in nursery plants and seeds in Sacramento, Cal., failed for $145,000. Fivk minutes after taking a tablespoonful of wine as a toast at a reception in honor of the wedding engagement of his son, Joseph Eacker, of Rosenbayn, N. J., died in terrible convulsions. Tuk exchanges at the leading1 clearing housea in the United States during the week ended on the öth aggregated 7 3(5,852,804, against (888,588,166 the previous week. The decrease, compared with the correspondiny week in 1S93, was 28.2. Thkrk were 248 business failures in the United States in the seven days ended on the 9th, against 264 the week j previons and 193 in the corresponding time in 18'.)3. Dutch Niell. of St. Louis, defeated James Barran, of Australia, in a fight of thirteen rounds at Hot Sprmgs, Ark. A sïndicate haspurchased 1,500,000,000 feet of northern Minnesota pine timber for 6,000,000 in round figures. Thk suit of Miss Madaline V. Pollard against Congressman W. C. P. Breckinridge, of Kentucky, for breach of promise, began in Washington. Gen. IIoward reported to the war department that Atlantic port eities were without modern means of defense. The land office at Washington decided that nearly 69,000 Michig-an acres were wrongfully given the Portage Canal company. A statement irom the pension bureau shows that there are 966,000 pensioners on the rolls. Wili.iam Snydeb and his wife, both over 70 years of age, were burned in their home at Develan, N. Y. Snyder got out once, but went back to rescue his wife. James B. Bii.lings, dealer in boots and shoes in Boston, failed for $100,000. C. M. Gates, aged 75 years, and Mrs. Caroline Sawyer, aged 72, eloped from Kellevue, O., and were married in Cleveland. Opposition from the married daughters of Mrs. Sawyer caused the elopement. It was said that customers of the Michigan Mortyage company, with headquarters at St. Johns, had been swindled out of $70,000. Duhing a boxing match in Chicago A. W. Crane struck Mike Sullivan a probably fatal blow. During the year 1893 431,712 immigrants arrived in New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, representing four-fifths of the whole number which arrived at all American ports. During a tire at Warsaw, Ky., which destroyed the Crown fiouring milis and a granary, Mrs. E. A. Allen died from paralysis of the heart, PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. Kufus S. F rost, ag-ed 68, died in his car in a Chicag-o railway station while bound from Mexico to his Boston home. He was a noted mannfacturer and wa3 a meraber of the Forty-fourth congTess Mes. JIaby Hemeüway, throughout ! her life active in promoting charitabla I works, died at her home in Boston. She was the richest woman in that city, worth over $15,000,000. Dklegates from Boston labor organizations met to form a new political party, but the meeting ended in a bitter wrange. Capt. Benjamin Thomison. of Kennebunkport, Me., died at the age of 100 years and 2 months. Gov. Poster, of Louisiana, appointed Congressman New tou C. Ulam-hard aa United States senator to succeed Judge White, whose resignation takes place on the l'ith inst. Mrs. Ellen Mooni.igtit, wife of Col. Thomas Moonlight, the newly ap'pointed minister to Bolivia, died at her home in Leaven worth. Kan. The prohibitionists of Wisconsin intend to make a vigorous campaigu thia year. Gen. Neal Dow, the champion of temperance, will be 90 years old Maren 20, and the event will be celebrated in New York city by a great national meeting. James S. Walker, a noted scout on the plains for many years, died at Stockton, Cal. Col. Sylvesteb Morgan and wifa celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary at Jeffersonville, Ind. Rev. Charles Machín died at his daughter's Chicago residenoe. He was a Congregational elergyman for sixty years. Maj. William Nevans, a famoua bandmaster and veteran of the late war, died in Chicago. He was 61 yeara old and a native of Brooklyn. The republicans of the First district of Tennessee nominated W. C. Anderson, of Newport, to succeed A. A. Taylor in Congress. FOREIGN. Queejï Victoria prorogued parliament after glving her royal sanction to the local government bili. At the elections fcr members oí the Chilian congress the liberal party was said to have been victorious. Miss Ida Van Etten, an American authoress living in Paris, is said to have died from starvation. The brig Albert arrived at San Francisco from Honolulú and reports that everything was quiet on the Hawaiian islands. Business had taken the place of politics. Habding, the oarsman, has issued a sweeping challenge from London, England, to row anybody in the world. Ex-Pkemieb (tLadstone was seriously ill at his home in London from the effects of a chili. Eight persons were wounded by tha explosión of a bomb near the Italian chamber of deputies in Rome. Fibe in the hold of the steamer Paris, lying at her doek in London, caused a loss of Í100.000. Dispatches reeeived from Calcutta say the British met serious disaster at the hands of Abor tribesmen. LATER. The Unitc.d States senate was not in session on the loth. In the house the District of Columbia appropriation bill was passed, and it was announced that the sundry civil appropriation bill would be considered next. At Alton, 111., Marión T. Skaats shot his wife and killed himself. Jealousy was ascribed as the cause. A FIRE at Cygnet, an oil town in Ohio, causee! a loss of $100,000. The seventh annual convention of the Xational Republican league will commence at Denver June 26. The entire plant and stock of the Lansing Lamber corapany at Dodge, Mich., was burned, the loss being $175,000. John T., who had married and deserted seven wives, was arrested in Chicago. Mathias Ludatschka, who shot his wife and her daughter near Prairie du Chien, Wis., escaped lynehing by killing himself. The entire business portion of the village of Omro, Wis., was destroyed by fire. Accordlng to the g-overnment report farmers have reserves of 114,000,000 bushels of wheat and 589,000, 000 bushels of corn. Neab Marche, Ark., the body of a yonng; mulatto woman was found suspended to a tree. She had been lynched. Rev. Alaxson T. Wood, of Omaha, Xeb. , aged 17, was strieken by illness in church and died in a few moments. Fearing a plot to restore the queen, the Hawaiian government has placed restrictions on immigration of aliens. The J. R. Morin company of Cedar Rapids, Ia., dealing in eggs and fruit, failed with liabilities of 8210,000 and assets of $05,000. A THOC8ASD arrest s were made as the result of the discovery of a plot to kill the heir to the Corean throne. Citizens of Greenwood, Ind., have boycotted a saloonkeeper so thoroughy that he cannot buy food, raiment or water. Premier Roskbery was said to contémplate a scheme of home rule for the whole nnited kingdom. Mexican bandits attacked a ranch near Durango but were driven oft with i loss of four dead and five wounded. POKTMASTER WlLIJAU GOULD disapieared f rom Stony Brook, L. L, leavag ashortage of $15,000. Unfinished buildings were greatly lamaged by a windstorm of unusual severity whicli swept Chicago, and John Ginochio, an Italian lawyer, was killed )y a falling piece of timber.


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