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And now Wayne is waning because more houses are needed. Farm hands are being employed at about $18 per moiith for this seasen. Tlie Chelsea youngsters are Avhooping it up now-a-days. AVhooping cough. And now Tiie Congregational people of Salem are iuest emerglng into a series of revival meetings. The Salem oream and butter factory ie again in business, making weekly shipments to Detroit. Salem vlllage is calling for more bouses. Not enougli there now to accommodate the families who desire to live therein. The Mends of Orman Clark, of Cheleea, helped him celébrate his 85th birthday oai Jlarch lst, and it was an enjoyable occasion. On Tuesday evening, March 20th, Bev. Chías. O. Reilly, B. D., now of Adriau, is to deliver a lecture at C3ilsea., entdtled "The Last Days of Ohriet." A good many people jiist now will appreciate the Irisliman's account iof the grip. "It took jne three weeks to feel better alt her I was entoirely well." - Ex. Rev. W. H. Benbon, of Thayer's Corners, Salem, who has been in very poor health since the recent death of Mrs. Beatón, hopes to resume nis pastoral dutios soon. Geo. A. Peters, of 8cio, who is an fxtensive peach grower, says that all peaoh bude on all young trees in hls orchard are killed, tout on the old trees a few buds are left.- Dexter Leader. At Saline during the last iiscal year $1,807.45 were reeeived, and $1,333.90 paid out, a balance on hand oí $433.48. The loons of the village paid most of the expenses. riyinoutli eloees ttoe Iteoal year with $1,897-48 in the hands of its treasurer. lts ordiiiary expenses have been abomt $12,000, but $35,107 in addition to thai lias been paid for water works. The stringency of the times is illustrated by the {act tliat ü you owe a man fifteen cents or so, lie will be af ter you befare breakfast, white if he ows's yon lic won't be seen ior three mcnitils. - Ex. There is somc talk of organizing a life saving orew at tiii-s place, lor the purpose of rescuing pedestrians who unwittingly try to croes the streets. There ts meed of somethtng of the sort. - Chelsea Standard. The body of Henry Franklin, who had been missing from his home In Sylvun since Feb. 9(ii, was found a few days since near Sylvan Center. He ivas an old soldier and died irom heart (Üsease and exposui'e. Chelsea now has only tivo dry goods ■stores. Btockbridge goes her two better. Someway or other stockbridge always has "scooped" Chelsea. - Stockbridge Sun. The Chelsea papers now have the floor. A picture in the show window of W. J. Knapp'8 store attracted considerable atteiition this week. It was a family gpoup and consisted of father, mother, wix glrls and six boys all "grown np." - Chelsea Ilerald. The Duudfe Fire departmenfc are giving a series of balls, from the proceede of which they wül buy bathing suite.- Xürtlivilie Eteeord. If the Record ana n doeen't look out he will be iired, and the hose turned on. Little Miss Blanche M. (ilenn white vteiting grandmother at Ncwth Lake recently, pieced and set togelher iiine b'nii-k.s for a eradle quilt. 8he is a little less itha.ii Beven yeaurs okl. Isn'i she :'. pretty smart little tot? The store belonging to N. D. Wilson of Antlersdu was broken into on ïlnuxiay evenlng last and several dollars worth of pamts, shirts ant sh'oes taken. Some one was evidently in need of clothing.- Stock bridge Sun. A theatricaJ company were billei to play "A Girl with a Temper" ia Adrián, but ehnnged the prográmame when they reached the city. The girl with a temper is so disagreeably numerous in fchat place, no one coulc be found who would pay to see hei on the stage.- Hudson Tos'. The Adrián l'ress pnan's eycs will skip ovei tlids item. In other woa'ds, he won't see it. During tho past week the Woolcn Ma-mifacturing Company has lald dl about half of the operators, but for the past iew (luys orders have beeu coming in quite freely and it. is hoped the f uil f orce will be at work again soon. - Clinton Local. A Milán company proposes to offer tlie public ooorveyaaice by tricydes in place oí cabs. A driver accompanlee eaoh brieycle, aod it is expected th:ii the passenger wül be carried at twice the speed of the. ordinury cab jKirse. - Saline Observer. l'i-o.-eculions againsi progresslve cuchre playeare, where prizes are offerr.I. are being pushed at Freeport, III., beius; a mode ot gambliag.- Ypsilanti (onnneivial. The fellow who is proseculiiig probably took the booby prize. He must be a booby, at any rate. L.'e, who has been a clerk in the bank liere ïor the last fourteen months, moved to Adrián yesterday. He liad been appointed admintetratoi- of his iather's, the lat Ooi. Eldredge's estáte, and has gone to Adrián to manage the business.- Milan Leader. Townshjp Treasurer Keith was tn Ann Arbor last Friilay, making his returns to the county ttreasurer. The amount oí state and county tax returned was $4.10 ; township tax $5.88 ; dog tax $7.00 ; personal $30.55 ; rejected tax $6.55 ; whole amount paid less delinquent tax $5,004.67. - Dexter Leader. The orth Lake correspondent of the Chelsea Herald telle of a craze that has struck that place : "Never in the history of this community has there been so many remováis as will take place in the next two weeks. Everybody seems to want a change in same way, if it is jumping out of the frying pan into the fire." The old project of a ship canal acposs Lower Michigan is being revived. The course would undoubtedly pass through the country between Stockbridge and Grass Lake. It would be an achievement of great importa nee to the commerce of the country. Think of what a mighty toainage would pass through such a waterway.- Bun. Some people we are told, have been very nervous over the prediction of a cyelone which was to occur yesterday and have scarcely slept nights because oí tear. These people should reinember that these wild-eyed prophete know no more about the future ïhan anybody else, and their predictions are not worth a minute's thoiight.- Ypsilantian. An Ypsilanti boy wlio was nnacquainted with the wicked ways of Aun Arbor, chanced to tack som auctlon bilis upon a telegraph pole in t ha t city ome day last week and ivas oaughi in the act toy the marshal. The justice befotre wlkmn lie was taken, fined him $3.70.- Ypsilantian. The boy ought to have known tluit Ypsünnti bilis eannot be poled thi-ough Ann Arbor by telegraph. He will havi' to use gome other taok. Adaan Mandt and a man ÍPOm lirulgewatii'. crossing Joslyn lake last Saturday enr;iiue to Mr. Miller's, met with a rather diificult da nip and airy expearlence. After they had made a good start acrosss the lake the ice was ïound to be thin and rotten. TiuLs they did not realize lully until they were last gQing to the bot torn oí the lake. Tliey managèd to g-et out and start again but were soon on .a second trip aiter fish. Three timee they bi-oke through lieíore reaehing the opposite side. At this jnncture they diveste-d themselves and wrung the water h-om their clothing, probably mot a


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