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Real Eestate Transfers

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Real Estáte Transfers for the week ending Mar. 5, 1S04, furnished weekly by the Wasntenaw Abstract Company. OHice with ('ounty Clerk at Court House. Aun Arbor, Michigan. May Wing to Minuie M. Vandawalker, Aun Albor $4,01)0 Ü0 Minuie M. Vandawalker toMay Wing, Anu Arbor, 12.000 00 Mary Schlanderer to Xelson J. Kyer, Dexter 2 Nelson J. Kyer to Mary Schlanderer, Dexter, ._. 25 Chus. Schutz to Heury T. Sehutz, Aun Arbor, 00 00 Geo. Harter. by Adm'r to J. G. Harter, Lodí, - 5,420 00 Milton W. Drui y to Michael Schniefle, Sharóa, &7i) 00 Libbie Stone to Michael Schniefle, Sharou, 25 Isaac Irwin to Mrs, C. Berry.Sharon,- 1 00 F. E. Fisher to John P. Kirk.Ypsilanti, 6i,0 00 Cari D. Hendricksou to Sarah K. Sager, Ana Arbor, 1 00 John B. Corliss to John Wood, Aun Arbor .. 160 00 Lewis Potter to Anthony L. Pelham, Bridgewaler, 3&0 00 Thos. J. Eice to Anthony L. Pelham, Bridgewuteiv - 400 00 John C. Goodrich, to, Ball,Ypsilauti 37 00 John C. Goodrich to Win. H.Bnll, Ypailanti, 41 00 Auditor General to N'. W.Cheever, Anu Arbor 2 00 C. H. & John F. Schoen to George Hartman, York, - 2,U00 00 John K. McGill to F. S. Broderick, Chelsea,.. - 1,200 00 Loretta Karberg to B. Maultbach, Anu Arbor, 1 00 J. c. líoies Co.toD. C. & Jane BilHugs, Plttsfield _ 7,000 00 Samuel W.Tuoker to Chas. M. Boweu, Lima 550 00 Catharine E Nagele to David Mandt, Saline, 107 00 David Horubeck to A. V. Hamiltou, Aun Arbor, 900 00 Win. I) llarriman to Alice L. lluiit, Anu Arbór 500 00 Aud. Gen. to John Brover, Ypsilanti, 2 Ou John R. Miner, trastee, to Chas. H. Major, Aun Arbor,- 1,600 00 Vm E. al, to Walter 11. Ballard, Augusta 1,000 00 Walter M. Ballard to Wm. E. Ballard, Augusta - 1,400 00 Mary J.M nrray to Rosal tha Wetherbee, An'n Arbor city,- 7U0 00 Geuite Cash to John S. Foley, Manchester, 1 00 Fred Klaas to Michael W. Kliue, Aula. l,S0O 00 John McArthur to H. & H. Cornwell, Newport village, 350 00 Forest liill Cernetery Co. to E. T. Gilmore, et al, Aun Arbor, 130 00