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Real Estate Transfers

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E nncl W. lï. Janes to Chas. F. Pardon, Aim Arbor $ soo Clara Seekinger to Henry Frcy. Uhelsea 510 Johu Ryau to F. J. Ryim. Ann Arbor 1 Chas. al., to John V. Naylor, Salem . l X. s. Abel to John V. Naylor, Salem ] tt to John Y. Navlor, Salem I Chas.Schmitt to L. z. Poerster, Augusta l,fi(K) il. T. Morton to z. Foerster, Augusta. öu ■'.. Foerster to L. Z. Koerster BrewingCo., i'psllauti 20000 Fred I!. Belser to Edward H. Bycraft Auu Arbor . 600 A. W. Holmes to SVm. H. Holmes, et al., Aim Arbor 7111) James Howe, by lu-ir-, o Mlchael HÖwe", Sylvan . 1 ooi) Orrin B. De Wolf to Fred'k Widemeyer. Manchester 1,500 Auditor General to Mrs. Anna Stevens, Vpsllanti ' __ 10.75 Joseph Wellman to Wm. M. Durand" Ann Arlxir 6.OW1 :. DePew to John County. Sylvan IJ00 Willard P. Phillips to A. V.' Sanford, York 175 Chas. Kuiler to Acia E. Gromle, Augusta 60 Wm. Cromle to H. Snodgrass. " 56 Wm. D. Burchard to Abnet iieach, Chel _ 1000 John P. Kirk to Edrtle A.ïhornton, York ' 60 llorence Bogar, by gnard., to Byron S. Uay, York 1 ___ _ 250 Unas. W. Glover, by sheriff, to Mary . Starkweather, YpailanU ___ __ ___ 1 550 Amos P. Taylor to Chas. W. Pullen, York 'lüO TTiuler the title The Final EFïort of Theology, .an account of the opposition to Dar-svin that was made by misguided theologians wlU be given by Andrew 0. White in the Popular Science Mouthly for Juna. Xow that not only Darwinism but the whole evodutionary doctrine is generally aceepted, the violent declamation against it of a generation ago reads likO a ehapter of history from witchcraft times.