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School Board Meeting

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Tlie school board had au interesting meeting last evening, as it fixed the salarles íor next year. There w.ere 110 raises made except to the newer ward school teachers who are advanced $25 each, according to custom. But (the list will require $200 less last year, aml is as tolows: Prof. Perry , Siipt 2,500 J. G. PattengiU I H.N. Chute l.TuO L. D. Wlnes Í 1,500 Al i n Porter ■ 7Ó0 Mary E. Kunt 750 MaryE.Dickey WO Mre. Snuderland 760 L.P.Jocelyn - 900 Catherine Snraner 650 G. Dufley (pro rala) 6011 Gertrude Breed - 800 Grace Taylor "00 Sarah Wbeedon 630 Mrs. Trueblood (pro rata) 200 J. Montgomery l.iOO I"). Vi'. Springer 1,200 Librarían 300 MinniePeppIe 500 LucyCole 500 F. A. Osborn(pro rata) 350 QBAMMAR DEPARTMENT. ElizaLadd 500 Anna ]J. Robison 475 Abbie E. Pond 475 FIRST WARD. Mrs. Clara G. Plympton 535 Emily G. Kldridge JOU Itutli Durheim 850 W. Ii. Bender 400 Maggie MoDlvit 400 Ida'W. Lewis 875 Jennie M. i-Seelye 375 CarrieA. Wbeeler 325 SECOND WAKB. Emily Gundert 450 Elizabeth .1. Cowan 400 Augusta Walters _ 400 MelindaK. Mogk 400 Emily R. Marshke 375 Bertha Feiner 350 THIRD WARD. Mrs. Bell K. Edson 475 EmmaC. Lutz 400 CarrieP. Krause 350 Luretta P. Saunders i5 Beckwllh 300 FOTJRTH WARD. Annet Alles 500 Julia A. Howard 4"0 reit,rvide F. Hamiltri - 375 Eugenie Mosk 400 Mi unie A. Drake 400 Charlotte L. Millard 400 FIFTH WAKD. Matle F. Goodale 450 Annie Clinton 875 Jen nette S. West 350 SIXTH FARD. MatieCornwell 475 Mrs. La Downs 400 Ella S. Wright 400 MlssPurfleld 350 This -wiiil take $82,500 tor 5G teachers, au average of $580. ChatLges are as iohotvb : Miss Dickey who has teeai on a year's absence Wall return to teacli Germán in the High School. -Miss Sumner takes Mr. Egaji's positioa and Miss Genevieve Dufïy has Mies Penny"s. Miss Gundert becoaies principal oí the 2d -ward scliool. Miss Xellie Loving was granted a year's leave of absence as librarían. A new teadier will be added in the 3d Ward, owimg to iis ero-ded rooms, and Miis Becfc■vith will liave charge of it. Mlsses JeaJinette Smitlx and Maude Hess ■were elected as cadets. The graduathi'-i ciase avÜI number SG thie year, in the following oourses : Classical, 14 ; Latin, 14 ; Englisli, 22 ; Scientilic, 18 ; Engineering, 15 Commercial, 3. The graduating class was given the ni Dl the hall for a reception next WednAday evening, and $25 was votiil or music for commeneement. Prof. was allowed the use oí a r. min in the Ist ward sohool for six wieeis in the summer for his Germán etagsee. The queetion of teaching Germán in the ward schools next year mot decUled upon, as some Shiangee must be made if it is continued. Diawing and mtsslc "will le offered in the High School next year.


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