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The wheel, o'erwhich the watera pïashed, la stilled. Tlie sim set long fiRo: the frog's honrse drum Gives place to lagsard beetle's drowsy hum. The humid air witu ling'ring scciits is ülled. Now ïleam the ilick'riug liglits of Tvatchful flies, Fitfully 'rnong the trees that whisper sweet Nothlnga for the soft aight-winds to rejieat. The atar lojked down, drowsüyrbllnklng eyea That say " Good night " Only the stream Through dusky íields, where cattle lie at rest, Chewing the lazy cud,- now laves the stoues roiindations of the bridge; then, at its best, Leiips swiftly on, anxious but to be fee, And bring relief to thlrsty vale and lea. - Outmg lor June. Mr. Henry Poillard, o( Alpeaa, carne recently to tlie Uaiversity hospital, ■wiitJi a Jaw so badly iractured by aja aeoideait in a saw mili, tliat lie was not expected to live. Ir. Darling pcííormed tlie operation and he lias been rapidly recovering, no tliat he intends soon to return liooic. There are yeany hundreds of similar almost nopeless cases, brouglit to the University liospitals and sent back curcd. It is a grat blesstng to tlie state.


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