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Bogus Tariff Reform

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" R.'form " is a sort of Jeky] and Hyde, Tiic donble-faeed figure of Janus repeating; The mantle he formerly carried wilh pride, tl now used to cover up all kinds of cheating. Wirh copper and lead and stuff that is base Ha made yellow coin that was '■ queer " and was f'unuy. Au 1 vvhen the Attorney of State called his case, B aid it was only " reform of the money. It had horns like a buil and a tail like a cat, (Jiuws. head, less and trmik without any relation. Wlen the fellow that stuffed it was asked ■ What is that?" 1!' declared it a worthy "reform of creation." Whon our milis are closed up and our industries dead, : our gold sent abroad to pay foreign advances, He tells the strapped workman to hold up his head, It is only a needed " reform of finalices." Whi-n the toiler, in idleness.hunger and want, Tries to borrow a diine from hls hungrier neighbor, The goods he once made he could buy " eheap for cash." Aud this is " reform for American labor." Reform your Protection and take off your tax, l,ive t'he paupers of Europe your markets and wages, Lay the burdan of poverty on your own backs ís the plan of the " ïariff reform " anti sagea. ROCHESTEE. II. H.


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