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m ra mu ie HARDWARE Still continúes. Crowds of people have thronged our store to overflowing, purchi goods at prices that astonish the most I (leal. Opportunitlesof thls kind you can nol get every day, so it wlll be worth your vrhile to inspect our goods, which you will find marked in plain figures. Remember we yill be withyou only a few days; time draWIng every day nearer to the end of our sales, and whiledoingso our stuck dhninishes. These L'o.kIs are from tlielate flrm of H. J. Tinworih & Co., of Chicago, and must be sold regardlesa ofoostor value. Following are prices of our goods with a thousand other articles too numerous to mention. Former Our Price. Prlce. Steel Dividers 40c 23c Tacks 5c lc Shears 35c 19c Wrenches 35c 23c Knives and Forks 75c 59c Pencils 5c lc Hatchet 50c 25c Blacking Brush 35c 19c Carpenter Pencils 5c 2c Tea Spoons 35c 23c GlassCutters 25c 9c Stove Polish 5c 3c Cards 10c 5c Thermometers 35c 23c PotatoMasher 10c 5c Mincing Knife 10c 5c Tea Strainer 5c 2c luk 10c 5c Mucilage 10c 5c Writing Pads 10c 5c Bread Knife 15c 10c Curry Combs 25c 10c 1 Foot Rule 10c 4c Saw Files 10c 4c HeelPlates 5c 2c Barrel Bolts 10c 5c Padlock and 2 Keys 20c 10c Shaving Brush 20c 10c Brasa Bound Rules 35c _'!)■ Atmer Bit 20c lic Steel Clamp Brace 60c 39c Steel Saws --- 49c Hammers 35c 19c Brackets 20c 10c Firmer Chisels - 23c Pocket Levéis 15c 10c Drawing Knives - 49c Gimlets 10c 5c Key Rings 5c lc Self Acting Cork Screw 50c 19c Shoe Blacking oc 3c Stove Lifter 5c 3c Tack Pulier - - 10c 7c Tack Ilammer - 5c Carpenter Pincers - 15c Meat Saw 60c 43c 2 Foot Steel Square 1.00 60c Bonny Vice 50c 23c 2 Foot Rule 15c 8c Stove Shovel 10c 4c Screw Driver 10c 5c Combination Tool Handle with 10 tools ' 75c 49c Scrub Brush .._- 10c 5c Curling Irons 10c 8c Steel Gimlet Bits .. 10c 7c 24 1b. Scales 26c 10c DON'T FORGET, 20 N. Fourth Ave., City Building Block. OPEN EVENINGS. SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES TO RENT. In the New Vaults of m ais u wm mi Absolutely Fire aud Burglar Proof. CALL AND INSPECT THEM. NEW MEAT MARKET. Send the girl or boy witli your order, and rest assured tha't the quality and weights will be the same as íf you carne yourself. I curry in stock everything fouud in a FIRST-CLASS Meat Market And buy only the best stock. I am better prepared than ever to upply my customers in my new market J. F. HOELZLE, Cor. Washington and Fourth. Phone 705 105-83 A Great Bargáin Time fok MONTH OF JUNE. AT THE BUSY STORE OF Schaker -& Míen I 50 pieces Pin Dot Swiss Muslin, just the thing for hot weather dresses, trimmed with narrow French Val Laces, at 15c, 20c, 25c and 35c a yard. 25 pieces Serpentine Crepé Cloth, ín light shades, at 16c a yd. 30 pieces New Duck Suitings, light and dark shades, at V2%c a yd. 20 pieces New Dimity Muslin worth 18c, for 12c a yd. 28 pieces Doublé Fold French Lawns, were 18c, now 12c yd. 35 pieces White India Linoñs, at 10c and 12 'oc a yd. 18 pieces Black India Linons, at 15c, 18c and 20c a yd. 10 pieces " Creponette Cloth," a lovely cloth for a cool summer dress, all.the rage in the East, at 16c a yd. CHEMISETTE8AW men just received, in white, pink, blue, fine tripes and pin dots at 25c and 35c each. LADIES' L.VÜNDERIED SHIRT WAISTS- 10 dozen, sizes 32 to 42, in fancy stripes, plain and pin dots, a bargain at $1 each. LADIES, You have been looking for Silk Gloves that will not wear through at the flnger tips. We have them, the Kayser Pateni Finger-Tipped Silk Clores. LACES. The largest assortment. The greatest bargains in Laces ever shovvn. SCHAIREfl&T MII-LEN. LEADERS OF LOW PRICES. GGODYEAR'S DRUG STORE, i We don't need to wipe out high prices. If we did, it would indícate we had treated our customers unfairly before. Our prices are right now as they have boon heretofore. There are sonie things though to which we want to cali your attention. We have the largest and most complete stoek to select fpom. We have never allowed a eompetitor to undersell us on any artiele, and will do anything for you that others will do. GOODYEAR & CO. 0


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