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Manuíaetured -ir per cent. duty. ♦ Silgar 40 per cent. duty. üt ia Uic ]ir]i;vc, nol the politiciaius, ■iio doniund ilie renom.lnation oí Gov. rleli. ín unity Hiere is strength. A good oíd adage ttat all republicana sliould jllst DOW lie. Widch is lint be-.! pollcy V To kill the Witecm Bill or let the Wüson blll kill the country ? Attornoy General Ellis's opinión, oíficially erpreeeed, oí forgery, might be a guidO to the eourt now trying his oase. Tlie ono great trouble with the Ciminionweal Army is the ark of a workins imnjority.- Cellar SpringS Ollpper. l íiiiuUlij-.-i ti caádidates tlüe year íor mearly every office on the list are as thick as ÍLees oui a dog. Straws show which way th'e wksá blows. T .-issrri that you believe in América íor Americauis is not patrio tic, you kmow. It is America for everybody, and tho d 1 take the hindermost. The silgar trust proposes, a ml the democratie U. S. seríate endorses t,he proposition, to steal frora the people of this nation $42,700,000 yearly on the one neceEsary household article of silgar. This would aniount to 71 1-2 cents íor every human being Ín this country. The republica.n party has by ahnost unanimous consent adopted Wmetalisni as (ome of lts principies, and will fight it out on that line. By proper legislatio:i and restriction in respect to foreign countries the restoration oi sUyer ae a money metal -vill be brought about. It is umlrrstood hat Col. liliss, of Sagina -, O. ., lias aimounced himsolf as a candidate for governor. It is a worthy anibition on the part of any man to desire to be governor, tliis graaid state, and the Colonel "would make a.n excellent governor, lio doubt. But this is not his year. Howover, if Jie wishes to have liis name brought before the convention in order to get his feet in the niches for the cliinb in '96, the idea is not a bad one. Frederick R. Oomdert one of the anti-snappers of New York, and a mug- wump after Grover's own heart, has this to say of the conglomérate legislative moiistrosity known os the Wil6on ,bill : "Tlie income tax is acaroas8 out of wJiich the feetering flies oí lies tuid perjury oonstantly rise, a.nd the, result has boen and the result iniust be, and tJie result ediall be a premium upoa perjury and a penalty for honesty and truth. But suci is the importaaice of passing a tariff biill that I Mvallow it , income tax aml all." A new organization has come up in opposition to tho Leagire of American Wtoeelmen. It is called Knights of the "Wlieel, and is a Detroit afíair gottem nii to giVe placee to bohío ambitious men wJio were turtied down -at the last state election. TJiey luivc attemjited to set the state división above the nationiu authority, and as usual stato rights wiil go to the. wall, just as it did thirty years agoi a.nd just as it alway.s antist in au abiding organixatioai. We doubt that Avheelimen throughout .the Btate -will care to be a tall to the Detroit kitO, whicto must fly alone by the breeze of their own blowhi.i;. Éne L. A. W., with its 35,000 miembers will go along just the .anie as ever.


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