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It is a mistakO tor amy portion of the republican party to think that any considerable portion of the people are Dpposed to Gov. Klch for his lr.udable efforts iai the way of crushing ooit trickery nnd fraud in high official places. Tlie people have no fa uit to find wiith hiim for his action in reinovtng' certaiu officials froin their positions because of the dishonest and disreput&ble prácticos attompted and carried out ia their offices, if not with their f uil knowledge and consent. The people admire au honest man in wJiatever politieel party lio may be fouawl, and the people of thls state are going to the polls and place Mr. lik-h back üi the gubernatorial chair by the Jargest majority ajiy man ever reoeived in Miohigan. These whiO stand in his wny will be brushed aside by the whirlwiml ui' popular approval, like cliaff in a gale. To ascertaln the drift of opinión in this vicúnity, we have taiked with many oí our feJJoweátizems, i'roni all parts of "Washtenaw county, of all sliades of politioal belief, and the expression is unaninious that Gov. Ilirh luía shown hianself to be a írionduf lüoaiesty to oïiii-e, a l'rieud oí góod g'overMiicnt, and a ïriend of the puople, coneequently tliey propose to stand by iiiin. Thruughout the lengfch and breadth of tlus country there te but one opinión, and tfiat is that tho man who has chieï exetutivo oí this eommofnwea Ith, lias had tlic mural courage to wBed rascality out of iiis own party, is deserving oí aeeistamoe, and wliat is more will reoeive it. ïhis is ii Btroing prediotion, but ü is our JiOJiust belief that GrOT. Eieü can carry this eounty agalnst any man In Michigan, and the Eámp will be iought out on the issue oi ling out the state oificialfl who ili'-i-r ed deaaiing out. The kiekers nm sorehead.s must uuderstaiii! that principies are greater than hut.. It is oï Hltle confiequence what particular individuáis fill the offices,. but it niakes a great diifepetnce wihether those who are in office are strictly honest, and perforan their duties in a manner consonant with the best iutei-e.-ls oi 11. Tlie actiioin of Gov. Kich in removing' certain Mate officials luis received the saaicti'On of tdie people, and next Koveinber tliey wffiU return their verdict of approval at the polls.


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