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Peculiarities Of The Chinese

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MiieJi has been wrltten oí the peeu liarities amd eccentricities of tlie Chinrsc. lut it is not g-enerally known that 'the people of tlie Celestial erapire wil] ïiut resaue one another irom aceidemtal deatli. At a firO in 8au Francisco severa] years :mo six Chinese were iiuprisoued m ia room by three lialf-inch Iron bars, wiiich could easily havo been broken away. TJiere Avere two or three ladders in the neighborhood, whieh could have been placed at the 'Windows and the unfortunates easily rescued from a horrible death. Tliere were huudreds of their countryinen looking at thtór frantie cfforts to escape. Yet fchey offered no assistanc and gave aio evidenoe of sorrow, says Flre and Water. A man "vvlio saved many lives, in (ïpeaking with a Chinese, once said they were very heartless, and c-lted the San Francisco lire as an exnmple; ■whereupon the Celestial exclaimed : "I tell you. Y'ou sabhee Joss? Gol-Al-mig,hty, allee samee. C'liinaman cali him Josh ; Melican cali him Giba. Cali liimi anything. Alie samee. Now you say Gol-Almighty make ebletioigV" "Yes, everyihimg." "Make alle men V" "Yes." "Kuow ebleting ?" "Y&s." "Now you think you know more titán Gol-Almighty ?" "No, I üo ínot." "He makee allee meai. He see one man. He tliink him no good. He say, 'You no use ; you go die.' You tlniik you know bette Gol-Almighty. You go 'BwJm; no let man die. Now Gol-Almiglity he say, 'He velly smart. He catoliee man I teil go die. Yelly w ell, tliat man he begin new. He cally tliat man's liie, all him sins, all hiin troubLee, aJl him bad luck. You bab heap good thkigs ?" "No." "No hab mncli houses, much money, imucih land ?" "No, not imuoh." p "All liglit, you nebber hab much luck. How auaiiy you wibe ?" "About íifty." "O.h, you nebber f;et out. Y'ou cally all filty Ule. Ebleting you do, o iiiii-h, ivk allee time heap trouble. You nebbe get oíd ; you live long time. tMlM'e ïifty Ufe ! You live liuudled yeaxsk- had lad luck alié time. Gol-Almigihty, he ialee best."


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