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To The Texan "fool Politicians."

To The Texan "fool Politicians." image
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(lizejis, don't be fooled about tlie cry aga-lnst corporations. Loudmouthed, fooi politiciame make the ory because they tliuik it is popular. Wom't your farm bo wortli more if a ra.ilroad runs witllln a mile of it than it will if twenty miles away '.' TVon't your surplus farm produeta ig you more cold caah.? Won't ilicy lnÉijig' meri'hants who will creatfi competitiou, and thus briug down profits? Won't they save yon I and e mei imes eeks of time in ■■ to market? '"u fcnow fchis is so ; ia ïooüsli nona i hat in i hls great, wide expaúee of country vl■ ui-d!. Ten thousand miles more of raálroade would acid l 00.000,000 to the level of property in 1 liis state. 'riiri! lel ii ai-; like level-lieaded men % lio lov mr gJorious si BCte uk! w ,- i : ) ■ to sec H become wiun nature intciulcd ii sliimUl be - the empire state of 11; 's irreiit galaxy '' st;iles. - The Texas Miner, Saturday, April 28. 1894.


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