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One Of Women's Weapons

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Amoiig the more delicate weapons used by ■wooneu, tact is one of the most effective- the jxnver of ttetenlng, of brighteniug -at the proper moment, and laughdmg at the riglit joke, and of kiKnving the exact temper in which a man is oomquerable, and -wlien it is besf to let Mm alone, writes Amelia E. Barr in the June Ladies' Home Jouraal. A woman ivlm posseeses thds wieapon Beuerally rules ly that fine Instinct wJiieli strengthens her own position ly strengtlioning her husband's. lt is a íeminine weapon guided by a multitude of little wlsdoni.s and precautions, and by arts as variesd as the sex. It rules a man 80 ticnUy that he is kept in constant good humor with himself ; not is he uiiieomfortably conscious that he has laid down all hls own anus before this ehe.athed sword. If Ui ere be any otlier weapon equaj to tact for doeiestic use it is silenee. In the hour of revolt this force is supreme. How to eradieate the dandelion, ! w-hen one's neighbors allows thein to seed tlicir own preiinises and every others bfsides, is thus toid by the Peor tou Gazette : "The dandelion threatens to Tecome a pest this year. Every lawin iseemis to be covered witih thto yellow ]iued miisaaiae. and property owner.s are at tJieir wits end to know how to do away with the aggravating flower. A plan which has 1een successfully worked ia to place a teaBpoonful of gasoline 011 ea".h dandlion. The reduit is gratiiying as the ga-soline not only kills the flower bilt teems to attack the root."


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