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A Great Mistake

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Herbert spencer is a great philosopher, a laborious Btudent and a writer of many books; but with all his mental activity, he has not permitted hi6 body to indulge itself in the activity by which its organs and structure might have been kept in a healthy condition. The philosopher has "all knowledge," except that "health is the vital principie of bliss, and exercise of health." A traveler recently told a f riend of the Outlook an anecdote of Mr. Spencer, which exhibits him as paying the inevitable penalty of neglecting the laws of physical health: It seems he is a special friend of Grant Allen, to whose home he recently went as a griest, but, being in frag├╝e health, Mr. Spencer said that he could not endure the noise of many persons talking together; so he begged to have his meals in the room adjoining the dining-room. Yet his social instinct prompted him to ask that the door between the two rooms be left open. It should be said that Mr. Spencer has invented a pair of iron clappers which he shuts over his ears when the sounds of life become too oppressive for endurance. As the family were talking and laughing in the dining - room, Mr. Spencer could not endure the strain, and ealled out to them they were "too hilarious." The next day they subdued their voices to the lowest pitch, and he complained that they were "not company enough." They then went out to drive, and the talk became so lively that, with a snap, he drew his iron ear caps to their places and sank back well-nigh exhausted.


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