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Political Animosity

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At a recent reception held by the prince of Wales Mr. ├╝ladstone was loudly hissed by the tories present The incident, a gross departure from the respect due to a host and to a fellow-guest, illustrates the bitterness 01 the personal animosities created by Entflish politics. Another iiritish statesman, the late Lord Beaconsfleld, often encountered in private life the virulent hostility of his politica! opponeaits. One day, while residing at his country house, Hughenden manor, he was walking on the terrace, dressed in the easy coat and old slouched hat which he always affected when among farmers. The gate opened, and two women, strong Gladstonians, entered the grounds. Supposing him to be a keeper or gardener or of that sort, they inquired if he would show theni over the place, which he at once undertook to do. While they were walking about they overwhelmed him with questions as to the habits of the master of the manor, and ├│ne of them finally said: "Do you think you could manage to get us a sight of the old beast himself?" '"Madam," said Lord Beaconsfield, "the old beast has the honor to wait upon you now."


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