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A Strange Transformation

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In the museum of natural history at Dublin is the skeleton of a man, a native of the south of Ireland, who was called the ossified man. His body became ossified during his lifetime. He lived in that condition for years. Previous to the change he had been a healthy young fellow of superior strength and agility. One night he slept out in a field after a debauch and sonae time later he feit the first symptoms of the strange transformation. The doctors eould do nothing to avert the progTess of his malady. His joints stiffened. Wlíen he wanted to lie down or rise he required assistance. He could not bend his body, and whan placed upright he resembled a statue of stone. He could stand, but not move in the least. His teeth were joined and became an entire bone. The doctors, in order to administer nourishment, had to make a hole through ihem. He lost the use of his tongue and his sight lef t him before he died.


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