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Frsm Alaska te tfie 6ulf sf fóexies. " HARK. Ye WHo LoVe YoUr coüNtrYTo you who have been thrilled by the strains of our national antnem ! To you wlio liave been uplifted by the sight of its scenic grandeur ! To the iriany who have been carried out of themselves while listening to its wonderfu] story of achievement told by that King of American Travelers, Prof. Geo. R. Cromwell. whose eloquence delighted the ear white his startling photographic illustrations dazzled the sight! We say We HaVe secUred HiM i and with hirn the grandest collection of Photographs of America, from Alaska to the Gulf, ever put between covers. And, mark you, HE SPEAKS TO YOU from its pages-tersely,-succinctly-to . the point. It is the story of our beLoVed coüNtrY pictorially told ; and in it are embraced original photographs not otherwise obtainable, of every part of our own land. DON T FORGET- The size of each photograph is 11x13 inches. DON'T FORGET- They can be profitably framed. BON'T FORGET- That each picture is worth $1.50. DOJi'T FORGET- Tliat eacli series contains sixteen such pictures. DOJPT FORGET- That each series of sixteen pictures can be obtained by our readers for nothing more than it costs for our bookkeeping, handling and mailing - namely ten cents. THE FIBST SERIES WILL CONTÁIS THE FOLLOWlNfi SCKXES : The Capitol, Washington ; The Common, Boston ; Printing House Square, New York; Seven Falls, Cheyenne Canon, Colorado; Chestnut St., Philadelphia; Yellowstone Falls, Wyoming; Brenton's Cove, Newport; Central Park, Minnéapolis ; Auditorium Hotel, Chicago; Long Sault Rapids, St. Lawrence River; Temple Square, Salt Lake City; Mountain House, Cresson Springs, Pa. ; Washington Monument, Baltimore: "Whirlpool Rapids, Niágara; City of Victoria, B. C. ; Sitka, Alaska. And can be obtained by cutting this coupon and sending it to America Editor The New York Press, N. Y. City, with ten cents, upon receipt of whicli the first series will be delivered or mailed. jj0W tö OBTAIN THE OTHER AMERICA. 9PARTS S PART ■■ 2 L Send $3.50 to this office now Name % and we wlU send you The % % New York Press every day Address and Sunday for 20 weeks, and each part of "AMERICA" t Town State # -vill be mailed you weekly as & ################# issued. S 5 ######## __ ###


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