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Meeting Of The Board Of Regents

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The board of regents held a special meeting yesterday. Regents Barbour, Cocker, Kiefer, Fletcher, Cook and Dean being present. The time of the board was occupied mostly with the proposals for the new central heating plant. It is intended in building a central heating plant which will efflciently heat all the buildings on the campus to utilize the present boilers and other portions of the plant so far as possible and the subject presents complications sufflcient to rack the brains of the regents for some time to come. In general the plans for the new heating plant involve the use of the foundations of the present building as far as possible. It is intended to provide for the storing of the coal under ground in some way and this alone involves the supplying of considerable more room. But the chief point at issue is whether to adopt the conduit system or a cheaper plan. All will agree that the conduit sy.stem is the best system ,but it is costly as it would involve building a tunnel from the central plant to each of the buildings. It would also supply a means for carrying electric wires to the i ings in case the University should establish its own lighting plant, however, and this is also considerable of an item. It is also a question if the conduit system cannot be adopted in part at present and added to each year until all the buildings are connected with the central plant by conduits. It might be explained that the conduit system is a system of tunnels in which the supply and return pipes are carried. ïhere were several plans and proposals before the board yesterday, and as two other contractors wi=hed to put in bids, further time was given and the matter was laid on the table until next meeting. The athletic board presented to the regents the name of the well known trainer, Fitzpatrick, for assistant to Director Fitzgerald. lt was suggested tnat if the board would hire Mr. Fitzpatrick as assistant at $900 per year a subscription would be raised arnong the students sufficient to induce him to come. The matter was left over until the next meeting of the board and it is understood that Regent Fletcher has charge of it. Regent Kiefer, chairman of the medical eommittee, recommended the appointment of James Playfair McMurrach, Ph. D., at present professor of biology of the University of Cincinnati, demonstrator of anatomy at a salary of $2,500. This was discussed in executive session and Dr. McMurrach was appointed. The following recommendations of the medical eommittee on appointments in the Homeopathie College were adopted: Dr. Jennie Hughes in place of Dr. Dakin as assistant to the chair of obstetrics and gyneacology, f rom July 1, 1894, to Oct. 1, 1894; Lester E. Peck, house physician, in place of Dr. Hoffman, resigned, from present time until Aug. 19, 1894, Mr. Peck to receive his board and lodging; Dr. Eugene R. Eggleston and Dr. Maurice Hunt (appointed reconfirmed); Dr. O. R. Long, lecturer on mental diseases tor one year without salary. At the evening session, on motion of Regent Barbour a lengthy communication from the law department was considered in executive session. It wasj decided to appoint Clarence J. Meader lecturer on Roman law. The requirements of admission to the law department are to be made similar to those of the literary department, to take effect Oct. 1. 1896. The law faculty were directed to prepare a 3-year course, commencing Oetober 1, 1895. The post gradúate law course is to be made more severe. The degree of doctor of dental science was conferred on Miss Carrie M. Stewart and bachelor of arts on William A. Underwood. of New York city, of the class of '68.


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