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President Angelí delivered the comnii'iiccmt'nt address at tlie Universlty ui Illinois last AYednesdav on the svibJect OÍ '■State Universa es.'' The Chicago npepsrs say th.-u "the address was the most ontertaining, pJeasing and BöhiOlarly one ever delivered there." The junior laws defeated the High School nine in a close game on the athletic field yesterday afternoon. The following was the makeup of the teams in the batting order: High School - Maynard, c; Corbusier, 3 b. ; Donnelly, p. ; Brown, 2 b. ; Norris, c. f.; Hartman, s. s. ; Condón, I b.; Brueg-el, 1. f.; Swift, r. f. Junior Law - Gaston, c. ; Aarcn, s. s. ; Hollister, 1 b.; Makiver, 2 b. ; Showalter, 1. f.; Crawford, r. f.; Quinn, 3 b.; Williams, c. f.; Bentley, p. The following was the score by innings: Innings 123456789 High School 30001020 0-6 Junior Law 01130030 0-8 An art recital wlll be given in Frieze Memorial Hall Saturday evening, June 16, under the direction of Prof. T. C. Trueblood. There will be readings by Miss Minnie A. Freer and MiSs Anna Marie Gilbert, assisted by Miss Zena Thompson, Mr. J. S. Hanöy, Mr. J. H. Quarles, Mr. B. H. Kroeze and Miss Eva May Stark, pianist. The entertainment will conclude with a brilliant oheact farce entitled "A Letter of Introduction." by William Dean Howells. A propos of tile recen) raid on the atudents' rooms 'lor stolen sig'iis, a story is told of a similar onc down aast, where same of the boys in the dormitarles of a boardlng .school liad stolen some siigns. Tlie search was begun by Üie .school, an'J the students np stairs, where a large eign was hung apon the walls, were iaiioraned tliat 'they were comiiis; after it. Aceordiivily it was brokeu up and put m the hearth to 1urc, but U was too Blow lm eonsuinmg before tlie officerá w.ere heard coming up t.lie hall. Something had to b9 done quiekly to pre vont discovery. Now there was a rule of the institutiion tliat whcn devotions were being aid in a room tlie oecupants should not be distuvbed, so the boys got down ou their knees and began to pray as t.he searchers carne to the door. Listening, they heard euoh words as these :"A wk-ked and a preverse geiicratlon Peek lor a sigr, but I say unto you, uo sign shall be given unto tliem." The prayers kept on until tlie 6lgn was all burned up, wlien the door was opened to ad111 i t tJie officials. All they got was a. sample of imjured iiinocence. ïhe ashes toild aio t ales.


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