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Dont's For Fathers And Mothers

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Dan't quarrel ; at least not in the presence of your ehildren. If you must eay mean and piteful things to each Dther, go into a room by youriselvcs, and have It out where uo one luit God and your ownears eau hear; but doai't be tiie ones to teaeh your fliildren the contemptible art of rangling. Don't break jpromtees made to your eliikl. You must keep your word if you to keep your child's confidence. A gentleman once went to cali on a íriend. As he approached tliO house, lie saw him and liis -vife ridimg Rway Ín tlieir carriage. He n-as about to turn back when lie was startled to iiear a voic-e exclalm, indignantly : "There goes two nt the biggest etory tellers In the -n-hole n-orldj" } ThO gentleman turned quickly, and ta,vr Jiis írlend's ehüd, a beautiful Httle girl, gazing, with a flushed, ang,rjfaoe, nfter lier father and inother. Consdderably shocked, he inquired TOhom Khe nieajit. "I mean my papa, and mamma," elie answered, "and it's true. They liare promised a liundred times tO take me out riding witli tkem, and they haven't done it once." Do you TOieh your children to have such &n opinión of yourself ? Poin't jnmish p-our children for not behaving themselves when awny from liome. Piinish 5"ourse]i if anybody ; you are the one to blame. Had you laught j-our children tto conduct themeelves properly when at home, you n-ould have aio trouble with them ivliile abroad. Don't act as if you wcre afraid your children would discover that you loved. them. If you do lovet hem, let them fcnow it ; carese tlieon ; play with them ; Bympathlze with them. Children need Jove just as jnuch as flowers need Bunsliine, and It is your duty to see tha.t they get it. Don t (pwru&ti a chala without letting hian kncw why he te punished. It is unjust, and tlie ohild knows it. First Bhow liim wliere he has done ■Tong, and how he can get right, and then dificlplüe hdm as you think best. Dom't (give np the cate of your childrem to a hireling. "A child's caretaker should be a child-lover," and wlio loves .a child Hke his father and jnother ? The father-love and the motlier-love ehould be llke two wings, ever lifting tJie child upwaxd. Don't delégate tliis up-liftlng business to Bcwne orne wlio probably cares more for the dollars there are m it than for tilO welfare of your ebiïd. DotL't tell, or allow to be told, to your cliildreu horrible hobgoblin Btories. l'ill tlie cliild's nitaxd wlth beautiíul tJioughte, tlioughts that in after years wiil blossoan into noble deeds. Dooi't crowd into liis head a host of hkltous monsters, that wtll ahvays be thrustinig their frightful faces from out of every dark corner, uuless you wisli to grow a erop of eovvards. Don't make it necessary for your diüdren to go away froih home in order to have a good time. Some cidldren. ieel most at lióme when awáy irom liome. Don't be llie iiitliers and inotliers of Buch oliildreai. Don't scokl. AVliat good does it do ? Iyistem to your scolding neighbor. iShe is your looking glass. Take a, good look at yourself, and then, ever aftor, Iks pleasant and sweet, tliough ünn, with your children. I Don't try lo makO your cliiLdrsn mhul ly threatening ünpossible puniP.lMnem.ts. They wfll soon discover tliat you never do "knock their lieads off," that tho "bogey-anaai" never does catea theim, that 'Til &kin you alive" don't mean anything ; in f act, they wUl eoon find that you liave been lying to tliem right along ; and this knowledge will inot tend to make tliem more dutiful aaid lovable. Don't íorget to throw vide open th) dKrs and Windows of your home 1o every igood influence ; but be eure to put Bcreens in to keep evil things out. Don't be so busy -litli your "charities," your "good works," etc., that you eaai't iind time to give needed care to the souls and bodies of your own cJiildren. In all the wide world tJaere is íiot a spot -where you can do as mueh good, good that will count all the time, as right at home, planting beautiíul thoughts in the gardens ui Tditt uearws uou im giveii w yuu. Don't let false modesty or anything el&e keep you fróm warniag your sons and daugliters oí th,e pitfalls that lie all along the path-way of Ufe. Kot only teil tliem to beware, luit teil tlKun of -n-hat to fbeware. Teach. tliem liow they Wlll lo assalled, in order that they nnay know how to guard themselves. Be the first to reveal to your boy or girl the so-called secrets of life. Don't lot any one of your children's foulinóuthed coinpanious get the start of yu. Finally, don't elürk your parental duties. Dou't lot your ehildren brlng niselves up. IXm't let anybody clsie brimg thcra up. Bring them up youreelvee. Tour into tlicir Uves all that is lest in your own. Givo thom the right start. Plaat lovo deep in tJieir hearts ; instill beautüul thoughts in their minds, and leave th o rest -with


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