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; Butteniiilk is eaiil to cure scratches on horeee. It is letter to taine and teneh than to break horses. Am honest liorse, like an honest man, is isomethiiig to stand ly. It is saitl to be almost impossible to get with ifoal a mare haring heares. It is better to civo stallions resillar work te develop vitality and energy. TJxe (New Jersey legislature has made it nnla-n-ful to doek the tails of horses. The farmer who lias good driving or eaddlO horses to spare does not hunt long for buyers. Feed your horses cleaa food ; if your oats are dirty, clean tbemi, and don't feed hay full of dust or Uirt. The good steadj-, strong-gaited team is tiie ooie tliat wnll do the most vork ■with. the least vorry these days. Mere. is au excellent mixture for healtng lold sores on a horse- three parts sweet oil to one part carbolic acid. When iselecting a stallion, choose one tJia.t Is handsome. You will get a trotter by such a one just as quick as to look after speed alone. Tou can groiv a good draft roadstev aaid tlie chances are that you wtU fiiiul ia better market ior him. Gray horses are the longest lived, and roans come next in order. Creams liare mot much staying power and succuinib quickly in very hot weather, Keep the horses humgry is the advice oí agood liorsemian, but by regular feeding oí just what the horses wUl eat up clean tliey will never have the colic, which is generally from over-eattng or frorai eating sour feed lelt in the box. If the veterinarian Is not alTvays at hand it is ■svell to keep some colic cure for immediate use to promptly relieve the pam in case lof an attack of coHc. - Western Agricult uralist. WüUe so much has been said about the record-breaking on the turf the past seasan,, the honest, plodding plow horse whicli has added a ínile or two to tlie distance he has been able to draw a heavy load or plow ia a day has .not teen heard of. A gentle, quiet dispoeition Ín a hrose is of intrinsic valué. Thls valué ís represented in dollars and cents ■when the horse is pSaced upom the niarket Sound feet are the basis for a good horse, figuratively and literally. You camiot keep them in such conditton if you permit hun to stand in a filthy stable. Horses meed one day in the week for rest as muoili ns human leinsrs. and tliey wlU be most benefit ed by tlieir Sxundays if allowed to run out and not be cooped up In tlieir stable. The person wlio wlll whip a liorse togive veaitto liis rage, is krwer thao tJie lowest of the brute creation, and deserves a very liberal dose of the same puiiishment well lal;l on. If you hare any doubt about a colt beeing vréll enougli bred to keep for a stallion., do not give liinn the benefit of the doubt, but geld hiim. There 11 certaJmly be plenty of stallions without him. AYhiLe it is a fact, as sanie claim, tliat tlieir horses ever reacli the great markets of the country, it is nevertheless a fact tluit the value of their stock lis governed by tJie prices realized nt these markets. Keep the colts growiug to fully develop all the earlj' maturity and other good qualities ; 'give them shelter at niglit and the more handling and gentling the better., Liberal feed, care and handling makes and breaks the good colts ready for work at an early age.- Live Stock Journal. Large pize is tlie chief element oí strengtli in the drai't horse. Let us breed for large slze wltli all the good quality to Ije had. We want good nmres to get the best results ; then carefuUy grade up to liigh class sires, and the result ■'UI give us high priced horses that wlll le wanted in all the markets of the world. 1Ti3 colt U ioalad etrong aml healthy but before it is a week old it is iiifected or poisoned by lying down on fütliy imaamre, which is alive with microscópica! insect life, and before anotlier week is dead iu spite of vetrinary eldll. Care then Bhould be taken to keep the colt on clean grasa, or, lif in tlie btable, keep the iloor weM bedded wtth clean straw. Bright cora fodder is about as good tor colts as hay. The aniHMy bam-yard ehould be drained and graveled. It is your duty tto protect the werking horses f rom "every stormy wind that Kows." Co'ld winds blowiug through the stable mean more feed to keep up animal heat. Giv the colts the benefit of every pleasamt day ior exercise. There may not be ímany suen days after awhile. TJie change from green {ood to dry means quite a cliange for young horses and care should be taken in making the change. There are few thdings that will get. the teams to baUdng quicker than over-loading, and this is a vico easier loarued tlian forgotten. Iveep your eye on the korse s-ho has a devilish disposition and a sleepy appearanoe. It is this kind of a horse that will win your confidence then bctray you when you least expect it. Wlien yon begin to break md trai the colt do it without using eithi the check rein or blunders. You ca get aJong just as weJl without thei if [jou do not use tlieim on the colt yo ■sv.ill niever iise t.licm for the horse. A horse that will walk steadily five nniles tm liour will cover the same in-oiiml in a day with much less fatig-ue than one that trots half the time. AVe do not i-ufficiently appre cdiate the ralue and capabllity of good fast wajkeiw. The valué of a horse can be greatly imcroasetl by training. Th is applies to liorses (or oVdiniary purposefi as well ets tliose Avliioh nre to bê used in racing. A well trained earriage ot buggy Jiiorse is Avorth doublé the money tliat another horse of the same breeduit, ertylé, etc, is. Tliere is nothIng that the owmer of a horse can do that wflj jiay bOtter tha.11 to take the tiime to train his horse well.


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