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The Mourning Dove

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There is a peculiar belief existing in my oounty, said a resident of Barboursville, Ky., to a St. Louis Globe-Democrat reporter. Upon one of the oreeks can be heard the cry of a mourningdove answered by its mate. It can, of uuurse, De neara upon any ereek, but always upon the one I named. The mountain people believe that tliese two doves are the spirits of a moonshiner and bis sweetheart. It arose many years ago, and but the merest outlines caĆ” be given. There was a young girl who had been raised in Louisville with all of the advantages of a city life, and she came to our place after the death of her parents in order to be a solace to her old grandfather in his declining years. She taught him to read and was all that a granddaughter could possiblvbe. A man ai. Barboursville was a son of a moonshiner, the most intelligent man in the cpunty, and possessed of the most personal magnetisin. Itwasnot surprising that, the two became lovers. He had agreed to destroy the still and study for a profession, when upon a raid the revenue officers found him in the act ! of destroying the stil, a faet which, of eourse, they could not know, and his sweetheart, their attack, rushed to 'lier lover's arms, and both were buried together. Since that time the mourning doves have appeared every night upon the creek.


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