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(Pöem read by Mrs. Allee E. Bartlett in re.sponse to the welcome glven ly Mayor DarliiiL'. of A mi Arbor, to llie Michigan W'onien's Press Associati'it ) O word of ïvelroine, sweet it falls Upan the travoler's ear, AVli.i gladly greete the outstretohed hand, The lireslde -warmtli and cheer, The beaanlug eye, the speaking lip, .Ma. hap the pparklinü; tear. "A stranger I. ye look me iu," A tJioiisanil cus and more, Sime invoked sweet Heaven's peaoe Upon t3i open door, Yrr itill the lessing rest on man As teinh'iiy afl of yore. In castle halls, 'neath cottage roof, lts mraiiiini Jin'.ils the same, And ever bows t'ho heart of man Before the heavenly llame, Uprisine froni the altar fires WJierever Jioirie has líame. But we, the ■weleom-ed, doubly rich, Find liom'es 'mid classic shades, ■Vliei'e J.ariiing Ktalks In cap and gown Tlipough Knowledge's gentle glades, And doffe lier cap dn fealty, AlikO to youthe and nnaids. Wtepe muscle vies with patiënt art, And conquero every time, Iniil around the world is heard The D. of M's "picked nine." AVlieai triuinph lays their classic "yell" On Leaming's lofty shrine. AYhere music dwells in rapture's snare Since melody was caught, "Within the U. of JI's groat walls And iMittied up with thought, To rise in essence moit divine, Froin chemie actioii wrought. Wittere Fiune días made her domicile Detenniaied here to stay, I'.ciause the world lias foiind forsootli 'Tte K ïKiulcilüc's golden wny, And more big heads are yearly iilled 'i'ii.-in Learning can display. Wittere culture waliks on culture'a stilte, Tile paving Btone know Greek, And c'cn tJie horses list to hear Wiiat language you speak, AVIlilc flll the hens enn cackle loud In Pinto or in öpeèk. The vcry ir ihat lans the brow With Science palpitates, And "Ovid's Art of Love" eacli bird In ecstacy translates, WJiüe Euclid on the door stone sits, And at tlie table waits. Pliilosophy iu all its "eults" lts wiles on us Avill try To learn foow ïmich we women know Of 2r'dhurst or Sufi, And wJien we frankly teil the truth, The very Avalls will ery. But why enumérate how biest Are we you welcoine liere , A "Bower" of blise invites us all, A "Dnrling" anakes us freer, And just to fill the brimming cup A "Glee Club" rouuds the cheer. O genial town of genial words, Ono boon we fondly eefek, Just bottle up your wisdom, please, Tiül Ave are gone - a week, A Mttle JLatln laste us long, Kot oaie of us speaks Greek. And wc are tLmid little things, WO oiüy dare to claiin, We're anaking manful strkles a long The rocky road to Fa-me- Be nierciiful, we humbly pray, And put us aot to slianie ! SO patieat witli our foibles, "To faults a little blind," And ever will your memory be "SVii h gratefül thoughte entwined. For all you gave, and muoli you bore In beling thvay.s kind.


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