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Between Father And Son

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We liare a great deal to say in our literature about tJie eonlidence that sliould exist betweea a ïnother and her daughter, lnt we ignore altogethcr tod 'iniuli the frankness that should exist between a father and hls son, ■u-rites l'.dward W, I!ok, iai "At Home ■Vith tlio Editor" in the June Ladies' Hoane Journal. It is not rignt to expect that our glrls shall bear the whole burden oí moral reponsibility. Our boys must be taught that the world expect s uprightness in a tnan just as mucJi as it looks lor it in n. ■ioman. I{ Hihe men of toilay are pprfteeted by an unfair moral diseriiiiinaUon ,that is no reason wtty the inen oi to-morrow shOuld be so iilR-ltered. if it is for iTomr. to elévate their conception of the moral gtafftttarfl for unen, it is for tlie young men of to-day to adjust thcinsL'lves to that higher ineasiirement. A healthj' jraiikuejis between tlie boys of to-day and iheir iathers is the iirst step. 2Ms is man's part in thO aim lor social purity. "Woinen must ceasc their IMinking at actions in men which they wJll not tolérate in woinen ; men. to -uiiom cxpei-ienre has come, must unfolil 10 the younger men. It is a favor to a boy that his feolings shall be analyzed lor him by hls father ; ihut ho be taught that his self-coiitrol or his loss of it, meaais au ascent 01 a desceut in tlie social scale. There is 110 hanm in a father jyointlng out these things to his son; the liarm comes wlien the father neglects to do so. A young man should int ver be expecteo in any point of morality to epei;ince wliat his fathcr eau explain and -svarn him agairist.


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