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The weather the flrst half of May was exceedingly warm, the temperature for several days averaging ten degrees above the normal, and the latter half it was unnsually cool, the average temperature rauging f rom five to ten degrees below the normal. Genera] and heavy rama occurred at the very beginning of the month and continued until af ter the 20th, keeping the ground well soaked for more than three weeks. Such weather was favorable to the growth of wheat, and the average condition June 1 in the southern counties, where 85 per cent of the. erop is grown, is reported at 92 per cent. as compared with 77 in 1893, 91 in 1892, and 96 in 1891. The average condition this vear is higher than in any previous year of which ve have record exeepting 1891. The average condition in the central counties is 90, and in the northern 95. The figures for the central counties are the highest for this section June 1, since 1889. The total nuinber of bushels of wheat reported marketed by farmers in May is 818,747. The total number of bushels of wheat reported marketed in the ten months, August-May, is 13,431,945, which is 422,456 bushels more than reported marketed in the same months last year. The heavy and continued rains seriously interfered with the planting of corn, and a inuch larger área than usual remained to be plantee! June 1, and of that plantod early, more tlian an average amount had to be replantee!. The reports indícate, however, that the acreage of this erop will not be less than in average years. The area seeded to oats is fully equal to the area in average years, and the erop is in fine condition. Barley is not extensively grown in this State. The figures indícate a decline in area. The average condition is about 93 per cent, comparison beipg with average j-ears. Tlie average condition of meadows and pastures in the southern four tiers of counties is 89 per cent., an average mucli below what would ordinarilv bp expected in aseason when weather conditions were as favorable as prevailed in May. The iow condition may be almost wholly charged to damage by the dover root borer. The condition in the central counties is 95, and in the northem 101. Clover sown this year has made good growth. The average condition in the State is but little short of 100. me outlook tor apples is promising. The figures indícate nine-tenths of a full average erop. One year ago the erop in the southern counties was estimated at 55, and in the central at 65 per cent. of an average. Peaches are estimated at two-thirds of an average erop. In the southern counties the wages per montli of farm hands average $15.89 witK board, and $22.16 without board ; in the central counties $15.20 with board, and $22.(19 without board, and in the uortbern counties $17.09 with board, and $27.14 without board. The average wages this year are lower than ever before reported to tliis office. Coinpared with one year ágo wages with poarclüawe declmed $2.12 in the southern counties, ,$2.25 in the central counties, and 2.19 in the northern counties. Tlie farm statistics of 872 townshipa, collected by supervisors,;iiave been received at tliis oflice. The footings of the sheep and wool columns indícate that the number of sheep now on hand m the southern counties is move than flve per cent. less than sheared n 1893. Tliere has been some increase in the central and northern counties, buLnot enough to offset the loss in the southern counties. The aggregate loss in the State exceeds three per cent. of the number sheared last vear. Secretary of State.


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