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The " &?&■ Queen and #Ow Crescent Route rMfc": is the direct line to the South and Southeast from Cincinnati or from Louisville. From dncinnati it is 90 miles the shortest line to New Orleans ; 17 miles shortest to Lexington, Ky.; 23 miles shortest to Birmingham ; 109 miles shortest to Chattanooga, Tenn., and 109 miles shortest to Jacksonville, Fla. In fact, IT IS THÈ SHORTEST LINE to all principat southern points. In addition to this, as all travelers know, it runs the " Finest Trains in the South," and its equipment and through car service are unexceüed. From Cincinnati the Queen and Cfescent runs SOLID VESTIBULED TRAINS to Lexington, Chattanooga, Birmingham, Meridian, New Orleans; and through Chattanooga to Rome, Atlanta, Macón, and Jacksonville, Fla. Throuh cars to Jackson, Vicksburg and Shreveport, and to Knoxville, Tenn., and Asheville, N. ('. - See the ::i . Direct line to Texas, Mexico and California via New Orleans or Shreveport. TO FLORIDA The travel this year will be greater than ever before. Remember that the Q""-i nn1 Crescent is the only line running solid vestibuled trains from Cincinnati to Flo. ,t..i. Ir is 1D9 miles the shortest üne. Time, 27 hours. FOR INFORMATION I as to routes, rates and schedules, address any Q. and C. representativo. Fuil in'"'-vintin L;ven as to excursión mes. land rates, etc. Baggage checked and sleping-car Lenhs rcj served upon applicati , end for printed ma'iter. GEN. PASS. AGENT, C! r:C! r: N ATI. O.


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