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The Sugar-cured Congress

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How dear to our hearts is our Democratie ('oiii.'ress As hopeless Iaaotion presents it to view; The bill of voor Wilaon, the deep tangled tariff, And every mad pledge that their lunacy knew ! The wide spread depression, the milis that closed by it, The rock of free silver where great Grover feil, They'vu busted our country, no use to deny it, And dam the okl party, it'a busted as well. This G. Cleveland Congress, Thie Queen Lilly ('ongress, This wild l'ree-trade Congress We all love so well. Their moss-covered pledgcs we uo longer treasure, For often at noem when out huntingajob We flnd that instead of the corn they had promised, They've given ua nothins- not even a cob. How iinU'iit we've cussed 'em with lips overflowing With Sulphuroug blessings as great swear words feil. The emblema oí hunger, free trade and free silver, Are sounding in sorrow the workingman'B knrll. This bank-breftking ('ongress, This mill-closing Congress, This starvation Cougress, We all love so well. How sweet from their eloquent lips to receive it, "Cursed tariff protection no lonser ujihold." Welistened- and voted our dinner pallsempty. The factories sllent, the fnrnaoea cold, And uow far removed from our lost Eituatlons, The tear of regret doth intrusively swell, We yearn for Republican administration And sigh for the cougress that served us so well. This Fifty-third Congress, Tliis Democrat Oongress, This sugar-eured Congress We wisii was in- well.


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