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No Liquid Enthusiasm

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Som-e ddecuesion ïas arisen as to the anode of the coming Fourtta oí Juiy ei -I'-Im-.-ii !o:i at Relief Park. Hitherto it has been eustoimary to sell beer there. But it is clearly against the state law to sell cm holidays ; furtherniove, it i:s iiot allnwable to sell without a license. Th is is evirtcnily rigfot, Tor there no jus tice !u corapelllng the down town saloon men to pay $300 for a 1 cense, then to aJlow its being boUI elsewhere In the city liimits without it is paitl, thajt too, on. aday "vviheii the saloons have to be elosed. IHiere is another phase of the quèstóbn. Should the city autliorities permit this aiod a man be killed or Beverely hurt - as was the man there iast year - while nader the iniliienr-e of Hquor, -vould not the city be Hable íor daanages ? Tliere is but 11 1tle doubt 0f it, and it Is wise in the common councd] at lts last session to liave conBÍüered it carefuJly and to hiave taken, the act'on it did. It is ailto wise in tliie ciiy authorities to teke the rig-ht position on this subject, ivnce it is not alone a question of public safety and in conformance wiitih public policy. As to the diifieulty of tlie oelebrations expenses without the proiits from lieerselün'i, that eau be and should be met by popular subseriptlone or guaranfcee funds. Xhie people will greatly prefer this way of dwing things, ;us it is more in accordance wiih law and order, ecomomy, botii public and private, and in the interets of all the participants in the festivilies. e


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