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Up To Within A Few Years Ago, The

Up To Within A Few Years Ago, The image
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lic 'il iir; d e ■ ompaniee - some o ilirm. at least - made a pra&tiee o ciiiüi'-iju' nearlj every dea Ui claim anv eonisideral le nmount in wh'cli tihiere was the BUghtest pretest ior "wiililio'idiim' paymemt. All eorts i petty lij;":il l;'vi were resorted to ii tlu' hope of delörrtng U not evading payment. Ttoe dead w-eré 1-mderedi and iln' living were made wretcljied by ih.'s plan oi eauxpaign. l'inaliy tlif companiee dlscovered li t thc.v were k,iUing the goose that laid the golden rj.s. ili-u relused to táke out policiea beoauae of their iear thai payiment coiild not be eecured without alesraJ fteat. asad ers etopped payjng premiums an,l d lowed tlLöir poll :les to lapse for the i e rca.scm. fPl)ai brouiiln the comjiaii'r-; tu i.hi'i aenses and it is now pery rarely th it a death claim Is conti'stt'il. It i-icuis, liowever, that fomc oi' iilii' aci-idi iü companles, whlch are of eomp&ratlvely re e it date. havo not jyet learned tbia leseon. They liavc adopted the saine qaibbling, tlilatory, lltlglous pollcy tlvit made trouble ior Uw liíe oampaailes. They contest th? most oqu'.tablc claims om tiThni-ul grooii'de, and they ai-f {allia? tato the sainr dispute wiiicli proved disastrous to thelr prede;essors. It may take some little time tor tliemi to reaUze thelr mlstake, Tut toomer or later tliey will discover that obtaóning money nnder false pvet-en#es is uot a pi-oíitable business in the ?nd, ior insiuranee coanpanies or anybody etoe.- Allegan Journal. The Lans:? Repuliüean has thts peragrapb whitoh -will le anctioned by every mewisjKiper man in the country : ''Many a (man "vJio thinks he coukl be a j.mrnnlist stands around and tells how he would be independeait as a 1ms oiu toe, and cali thAngS ly ttedr riüht aames, bow he'd exposé oorrnptioa in high p'jaoes ; )iov he ■vvoiild write gwxl eommon sense, and nome oí your frlvolous try-to-be-Iun Ktiuï. Tlir beet ny to cut oit one of thr.-c lellowB i. to let liinn write a snisii.ic artile every day for a week. Ileiore the week is out he Is sure to be piunpeid dry, and w'll ff.ipe worse lor au Idea thnn a chick with the pp. If He Bhouad have the ilTuy to earry out his tbreate, he woií.il be íoinid hangíng [rom a lamp post before told morm'rage polled around." ïhv' cruel nnrt cowardly assass'-oattoa ii l're-iilcin ('avn )t, of France, wliic n,ttrntliirx a festival at Lyons, last Suiidiy, luis caueed great excite ment i'.n iliat jepubliv. and universal eorrow over ilie cdvllized world. Tbe atsassain was an Itaüan, .nul as íi consequenee tlie excitable and'ng mob havo leen wreakïni.iï tin ir veiigwm-e ever since on I;alian residente ihron.iíHout France, anl espedaily at Lyons. wretehed deed onay lead to complications beivveeii Ule itwo eouuti teg, Himigli sucll a th'nií is not probable. The, jury in tlve Eillls trial at Lanstng failed to agree. " is not at at all surprtotoig. Tlie caee never isliould Qiave been tnied at Lansing. It i-li-ould have beem. taken t-o ome civcuic rwiaere iiolitics would not have enterad iato it.he trial. The jury s-tood seven ■demo.-i-ats for acqnirtal and Uve repubiicauB íor oonviction. Wba,1 a travesty 011 Justloe ! Amomg the poeeible democratie candklaie- tor congrcBs ta tbia distr'ct 1 D. Ij. Quirk, oí Yp.-i;lanii. He woulfl make a good ne. but he bêtter not try :. iti ■ 5 .:■


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