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Not Excuses But Justice

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Xo thosè wlni advocate a single tenm Cor goremor as "sore is weabest kind ol argument. Il luie friinds oí (;. vernor Eteh have a-o umi-r reasomable excuse than tbat to oïfer t.hey are in b ead pliglit, in;iv Ci)iriri--.]oiirnal. Tlie frienOs of Gov. Rii-h liave ao ex(jusee oí any kJmfl to offer. Excuses ;are mot in order. It lia.s beec tlio oustom oï botli partie-, rom Uie time of their iormatiou. to glTe n COOJ and faitliful oÖlcial in any iioition tWO i erms. Mr. Ech has fiJled the office admirably. He has Had the oouragie to rebuke corruption in hls own party and re -iioiii ofüce those Avhose action hionnlit disgrax upon tlu-nisilvi-s anl di-lio:ior to the party that tnisteü md honoped them. He Is deserving o: a n'-nmirimiiim lor xirdt aet n ior no li'mg mete, and íriendB will come i ili" c; íivi nton oí th,e republïcan party wiih no excases 011 their ]-]),. nskiii-í oo favors not gran.ed to ; i preceedïng govemors, but n iIk; name of jastice. It lis i-;ain)ilt' justioe 1 1 1 : i t (íov. U -li eJiould ix ri ín iiMW'ted, and ií the rerepubiieam party i-limild Eall to realz ■ Ji i'i.i iiiu-at of 'the peopie í Mi hgam, iin I l o. ivu-.imiii He him. it i n-ould Kè (nu -i. u 'd tato a I( ellng o: .ho-tiliiy to purl y in public atlairs, ;nvl ttoe party vroald be giren su?h a ; as i. n ever beïore re;elvcd. 11,1. CiuriiT BeraJd further reimulo : : ! , r. Bliss is nol a ".-ore ]" [{ s a aad consistent repubi'toan." etc. No ii t wíio knows Col. Bliss will tor a urimciii believe liim to be a h ■;.!!. II ■ :s ;:ix honor.! !■!■■, equare-tosd r, pu 1-,mi of Ibs oíd soldier type, A ml a per.'est piglit io aspire to tiue b si oï i -e m p sople oí his state. But for one, the Oonrler does nol believe is the time för the Colonel to be nonuin.a,ted. Th's year thie repuWl&an party has a tluty to perïormi. ;iml that duty demanils th it it shöuld stand by iis ■ who ris liad the courand mtniiood to stand by the rlghts o! th.e people, antd the purlty of the Hallot box. Tliis year Gov. Iüch musí be renomInated. Two years from now the tteld wlll be elear an:l It may be duv Blbsi'ul privilege to vote for the Colonel.


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