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- It is Kale to assuime t li-it nine out j o; uu tatjiers would preier that their cli'iiirt'ii shoulcl io boys rather th iu i girls. yuuiiii' ïaihcr seldom hesItateé to air his cUsappohntoneni if ttoe ttrst-bora is n. daughter, anfl on ilic othier haiiil 11 hc is lilcs-ed with a son he bcanis on all concernedi receive congratuiatious on "his iine i boy," and is i;einrally delightecl with Uir world anil all tliat Is in it. Xmv. wliy is tliis ? we ak. Is It the parmtal tendency to look into the iulure that tnakes the son uppear a more valuablc ai-quishiou Miau a daugkter ? When a daughter lias pwn old ?noiigh to be eoinpan'.ouable, Jiow much sweeter and more lovable fhe is than a son at the name age. Her íather is au. object of affectioaate admiration ; i.lie delights to on hiim in loving womanly (ii-lron, and 'as time goes on the tic grows into her lite, dividiug bui not lessening her allegianoe to the one wiho has been so nvueh to her np to tliis tiimc Peiiiaps it is the thought oí this separatioa or a dread of tae sorrow and troublet öiat is so much more a pa t-t ol u wiramii's ihan a mans existence that causes parents to long lor tlKwe who -caa battle wlth tJie wordid in soldier fashion, not requiring tlie proteotiiig tenderness that is po meoeesary to the feminine exlstemoe. And pet, isn't tliat a s&lflah view o-f the case, after all? And in parent's bearte the parentaJ and matemnal love blots out su:'li mates aam repiacew uiougnts ji ieiÊonal comfort by overmastering desire ïor tJie ehildreu's be.t good. Thereïore the extra respons:ii:l y that comes with the can; of a daughter cainioi 1h.' the actuattug reu-on Im'kxnging lor a yon. We do nut wc annot solve the pvoblem, lrat the qaest'jom of why this is bo remiains yet to le Batisfaetorily answered by the pareuts tliemselves.-


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